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Firmware 2.52; fixes LBP keyboard lag?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 November 20084 Comments

A new firmware turned up this morning, and on the face of it the update doesn’t appear to do much.

In the official text, firmware 2.52 does the following:

– The playback quality of some PS3 format software has been improved.
– A text entry issue that occurs when using the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard with some PS3 format software has been addressed.

    So what PS3 format software has text entry issues right now?

    Whilst playing LittleBigPlanet, many of you have commented that the only thing holding you back from ‘gadding around’ is the text chat feature. Often times the chat facility is ‘laggy’ and that makes it difficult to type messages.

    So what money do you want to put on the fact that this update fixes a bug in Sony’s flagship product? I think whatever you choose to lay down, it is a fairly safe bet.