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Guitar Hero World Tour Collaborates On Drumming project

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 November 2008No Comment

You may not know Clem Burke. Back in the day, Clem was the drummer in popular 80s band Blondie, and though he still drums professionally, he’s spent most of his time recently in the area of “drum research” with the eponymous Clem Burke Drumming Project.

Wrangling a couple of doctors into the cause (Doctors Draper and Smith respectively) Clem and the gang have been snare-deep in the “pursuit of knowledge through the application of scientific principles to the various art forms of drumming.” What’s this got to do with gaming? Well, announced today, the Clem Burke Drumming Project are teaming up with Activision to examine the benefits of using the Guitar Hero World Tour “pseudo-drum kit”.

The Clem Burke Drumming Project has been going for ten years and has already uncovered some startling facts about the more unbalanced of band members noting for instance that “gigging professional drummers had a heart rate profile similar to professional football players and expended a significant amount of energy (400-600 kcal per performance).” How much is 600 kcal in terms of true sweat and exertion? Well, an average marathon will cost you about 2,500 kcals – hence why you rarely see fat drummers.

So, what are they going to test with the GHWT kit? Well, if you live near Gloucestershire in the U.K., and haven’t access to your own set up, you might want to swing by the university. “The Clem Burke Drumming Project team will conduct a series of physiological and neurological tests using the Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit controller, which will be permanently housed in the University of Gloucestershire’s newly-built dedicated drumming laboratory and at the University of Chichester.”

The team will investigate how the skills forged by drumming on the game kit might be transferred to “real” drumming as well as the health benefits of the game in general. Who said all gamers were anemic, sedentary and lacked social skills? What’s more sociable and energetic than beating the crap out of a plastic drumkit with some friends while thrashing along to Tool’s “Vicarious“?

Budding skin-masters out there looking for more information about the Clem Burke Drumming Project can check out their official site: