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Glorious MGS4 PS3 re-listed; interview with the makers

Submitted by on Friday, 7 November 2008No Comment

You may remember the amazing and beautiful MGS4 PS3 designed and built by Morpheon Mods.

You may also remember that the resulting eBay auction, with 15% of the proceeds going to charity, ended in selling for an incredible $17k.

Unfortunately, the winning bidder has not paid up, so Morpheon are doing the whole shebang again.

You can see the new listing and have a chance of owning some real PS3 history by visiting eBay now.

Catch our interview with the makers after the jump…

So what did it take to make this incredible machine? We got some time with the man in charge at Morpheon Mods – Ramon Stokes – and asked him that very question.

[PS3A] Why did you create the MGS4 PS3 – what was your inspiration?

[RS] I am huge fan of the Metal Gear series and MGS4 was amazing achievement. I felt I had to build something to honour it.

[PS3A] How long did it take to create?

[RS] We started in late May and finished in October. All told roughly 100+ hours were spent creating it. For example, every square in the digital camo was hand laid out and then removed – this took well over 10 hours alone

[PS3A] What is involved in the process of creating such a modification?

[RS] There’s countless steps in modification of this caliber – electrical, paint, computer drafting and photoshop are just a few of the areas we spent large amounts of time in. Once we come up with a basic layout we just keep pushing and pushing to do whatever it takes to make sure that vision comes to life. Many times this means spending more money and time than we originally thought but our goal is to make the best mods possible and we feel if we commit to do whatever it takes the rewards will come – money and otherwise.

[PS3A] Is this a one-off, or do you have other PS3 modifications planned?

[RS] Oh yes! the PS3 is great canvas and we several planned for the future. We never discuss what’s next but there is a certain Greek mythology game coming out next year that we feel will be very popular… 😉

[PS3A] What led you to the decision to help charities with your auctions?

[RS] Child’s Play is just a great organization and we have been massive fans of Penny Arcade for many years. They were the only ‘gaming charity site’ we had heard of until we found out about PS3 Attitude, and we felt it helped us be a little more than just ‘some guys selling stuff on ebay’. They have been good to us and it has been a great relationship.

[PS3A] What was Kojima-san’s reaction when he saw the top plate at the signing session?

[RS] As you can see in the pictures he was really excited with it, so much so he held it up to crowd for all to see – it was great moment.

[PS3A] If you could be any character in the MGS series, who would you be and why?

[RS] Well no doubt about it, I love Snake, but he’s way more brave than I, so I would have to say Otacon…I think we both share a love for technology and I would love to have his brain.

Our thanks to Ramon for sparing his time. Go grab yourself a slice of PS3 history now whilst you can. Life doesn’t offer a second bit of the cherry often…