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Gran Turismo 5 coming Christmas (2009)

Submitted by on Sunday, 30 November 20084 Comments

As if we needed any further proof that the full Gran Turismo experience on the PS3 is universally yearned for than looking at the sales of its prologue (2.33 million and counting), the number of predictions regarding GT5’s release date in forums should be some indication.

How about 2010?  That seemed to be hinted at in the past. Is it still the current front-runner in the prediction stakes?

Well, you can stop guessing/prophesying as it appears the much sought after release date has been let out of the bag.

GTPlanet, your one stop shop for all things Gran Turismo, has reported that James Armstrong, Sony’s Chief Executive for  Southern Europe, spoke to Spanish newspaper El Financiero (The Financier, funnily enough) and spilled the following:

For next year, the chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment for southern Europe said that they are developing a new game thriller, in which the player may be designing their own history, and the new version of Gran Turismo, which will arrive at Christmas.

While we’re left scratching our heads wondering if the new history bending thriller mentioned is Heavy Rain, we can at least rest that GT5 seems now to be locked down to a period and we can start marking off the days in our calendars.