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Harmonix And MTV React To Rock Band Kick Pedal Lawsuit

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 November 2008No Comment

Back in November 18th, the whole team behind music-rhythm mega hit Rock Band (Harmonix, MTV, Viacom and EA) was hit with a $5 million class action lawsuit over faulty kick pedals that were part of the original Rock Band drum kit.

Harmonix released a statement to Shacknews regarding the lawsuit with some stern words for the plaintiffs.  Hit the link for the full statement.

Harmonix and MTV Games are dedicated to consumers having an outstanding experience with our products. When used as directed, our drum pedals are designed to provide years of enjoyment. In addition, at the launch of Rock Band we offered consumers an extended opportunity return defective or broken hardware for any reason whatsoever–no questions asked. This litigation is opportunistic and baseless.

Even as a sufferer of a faulty Rock Band guitar, I have to side with Harmonix.  Actually because I experienced the excellent customer service and the infallible replacement guitar, I am ready to defend Harmonix from here to the Highway To Hell.

Bundles were sold, peripherals stopped working, and gamers were pissed (read: angry).  I know, I was there.  I was also there when I received a brand new replacement at no cost to me with no questions asked.  My wrong was righted and I was happily rocking out to a great game once again.

And seriously, how the hell did they manage to break the kick pedal?  I’ve had many Rock Band parties in my day and yes, alcohol was involved (we are rock stars, not monks).  I can easily testify that a drunk drummer is not a delicate drummer.  My drum kit received numerous bangings and/or beatings, sadly none of them in tune on account on the drinking (remember folks, don’t drink and rock.  You’ll look silly).  And yet my drum kit, kick pedal included, still stands tall ready for the next gig.

My statement to the plaintiffs is “Get a job”.  What would be your statement?  Do you have a Rock Band story to share?  Contrary to what you might have read, sharing IS caring.  Please comment below.