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inTeresting inFamous inTerview

Submitted by on Friday, 14 November 2008No Comment

Nate Fox, Creative Director over at Sucker Punch, jumped online with the guys from Eurogamer for a real-time chat with fans about upcoming superhero sandbox morality tale “inFamous”.

The format of such interviews is always challenging; the very set up tending towards a literal information storm. As the details are presented scattered and disjointed – and non-sequiturs and poor segues alike peppered about wildly- apologies if what follows mimics a similar mode.

The interview touched upon a wide gamut of topics with the opening volley getting straight to the heart of things. In this era of awesome AAA titles, why should you care about inFamous? Challenged with “convincing” the inquirer, Nate retorted by going old school and playing the “fun card”. With a commitment to keep trying new things in inFamous until the “game-play […]is wicked fun” the Sucker Punch director is confident that the enjoyment derived from simply playing the game will convince most people of its virtues.

Another aspect that should also intrigue the fence-sitters out there is how morality features in the game. The story changes depending on the player’s actions along with a level of customisation proffered with Nate claiming: “Your Cole and my Cole are not the same.”  He also mentions the predicted powering up over time aspect within the confines of the game with players starting off with some nominal abilities and soon becoming a veritable “”Thor on earth”.

Regarding the openness of the world, Nate admits there are plenty of side-missions away from the main story arc stating “we’d be making a pretty piss-poor open-world game if we didn’t support this kind of freedom of play.” As for the length of the primary objective in the game, it’s interesting to note that Nate references other titles such as God of War in terms of quality rather than quantity, suggesting the impatient of gamers out there will probably be able to rush through inFamous in less than ten hours.

Also intriguing is how the on-the-spot Sucker Puncher dealt with claims that the game has borrowed from other similar titles on (or soon to be on) the market. Dodging the suggestion that protagonist Cole’s powers are reminiscent of the Force Within (we shouldn’t have to mention that the decision to make Cole’s primary power electricity was no doubt decided upon long before the recent Star Wars game was announced) Nate adds some credence to the choice and even offers up some details about Cole’s very own Kryptonite with: “Cole gets his power from the grid and loses his powers when he’s off the grid. We wanted to create a superhero that worked really well in a videogame context and electricity let us do that.”

Admirably, considering the two games’ comparisons in the past, and keeping with the theme of competition, Nate hopes “Prototype does well.” At least, he probably does -  just not as well as inFamous. Speaking of antagonists: will Cole have competent adversaries to fight? Yes indeed as “a rogue’s gallery of powerful iconic villains” is “all there” within the game.

Reaching the end of the online chat, Nate quickly addressed some issues such as performance (“I get in some really intense fights with large groups of enemies and I’ve not seen any slowdown yet” with the PS3 being “pretty freaking strong”) and how the game will be marketed considering the recent successful Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge campaigns. Risking scorn from his PR guy, Nate pretty much confirms that there will be an InFamous comic with more details to come.

Finally, will there be a demo on the PSN? Yes. Trophy Support? “We’d be jackasses not to” considering Trophies are “videogame crack”. Regarding DLC, things get sketchy with Nate clamming up with the usual “Wait and see” attitude.

inFamous will be released sometime in 2009.