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Is Insomniac going multi-platform?

Submitted by on Monday, 17 November 2008One Comment

Insomniac Games were always attached to Sony. In case you were living under a rock during the 90’s, Insomniac didn’t begin developing games yesterday. They are the masterminds behind Spyro and the less known Disruptor.

So, a few days ago Insomniac’s CEO Ted Price sat down with Gamasutra to have a talk. In this 6 page interview, Ted was asked to comment the company’s relationship with Sony. We all know that Insomniac is an independent studio, so is there anything stopping them from developing a multi-platform title?

The answer is no. It is up to them to decide whether or not to develop such a title. The President of the company decided to emphasize the good aspects of having Sony as their ally and supporter. Through his words, it seemed that the guys are happy where they are.  They are currently enjoying Sony’s support and the freedom to develop autonomously.

“I really enjoy what I do, and I don’t like being told by other people what to do; and I think a lot of people at Insomniac feel exactly the same way”, he stated.

Furthermore, he mentioned: “Our relationship with Sony is one where we develop autonomously. Sony certainly gives us great feedback on the games, but we’re in control of the development process, and that is a great place to be. Especially with a partner as powerful as Sony”.

All these comments don’t mean that they haven’t thought about going multi-platform. “But, then again, we see the other side too. We see games that are multi-platform succeeding wildly, and doing great, and that too is a fantastic place to be”. The stakes are without a doubt high and profit has always been an important factor. But, will Insomniac – eventually – cross the border?

The way I see it, no. Their history with our beloved Sony proves that. From the foundations of platforming (Spyro and Ratchet & Clank series) to the re-invention of multiplayer modes in FPS games (Resistance 2), Insomniac has proven to be a worthy ally. Now, only if they released the new instalment of Ratchet & Clank a little sooner…

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