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Killzone 2 looks better in 720p

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 November 20083 Comments

There are certain cliques of people in this world that continue to amaze me. Domino setters and bee keepers automatically make this list but you can now add the following.

People who labour over screenshots in order to count pixels in various resolutions and, like a bizarre edition of Groundhog Day, declare whether a game is “good” or if it’s actually going to piss rain all winter.

Originally highlighted on Eurogamer (but now suspiciously missing) was the below image.

Unfortunately, as the story has been pulled, we don’t have much to reference and are therefore relying on a sketchy caffeine starved memory from this morning but the general gist is this: Killzone 2 footage has been captured from the current beta and the “pixel-scryers” have been tolling over captured images and want to amaze/confuse/bore you with some high-tech graphical confabulation about their fidelity.

After some voodoo chants (and maybe an animal sacrifice – who knows) the results are in: Killzone 2 looks better in 720p as upscaling the resolution apparently only makes it slightly more “blurry” and isn’t worth the effort.

Any visual aficionados out there in the beta who would like to comment? Let us know below (if you’re not too busy counting pixels that is).