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Submitted by on Thursday, 13 November 20083 Comments

Sackboy is such an adorable little chap. All happy in his snug knitted well, em, self, with a big smile and a rambunctious demeanour.

How different things would have been if our new Mascot-Elect wasn’t a cuddly mischief-maker but a yellow block head with stretchy arms. Well, that’s exactly what he was back in the day when LittleBigPlanet was merely a twinkle in Alex Evans’ eye. 

Our good friends over at ThreeSpeech have posted a very early look at the game in the form of a Media Molecule prototype. The genesis of the genius is there; the platforming elements, some deft physics in motion but it’s just amazing to see how far they’ve come. 

I’ll try and post the video here for your viewing pleasure but there’s no guarantees it will show up. My browser hates Flash. I hate my browser. The circle is complete.