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Mainichi Issho Trophy Translation Guide

Submitted by on Wednesday, 19 November 20082 Comments

Complete disclosure: this is not a trophy guide. Trophy Guides are the work of the devil and other malevolent entities hellbent on the total corruption of your gaming soul. Guides do serve some useful purpose of course; namely if you’re completely stuck and have no idea how to complete such feats like Expert Dyno-Mite in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

No, what follows is more a “trophy translation companion” for Japanese PSN game Mainichi Issho (Everyday Together). We offer this helpful “reference guide” as we believe it is a venial sin to seek a cipher for trophy tasks only described in a foreign language.

Considering the game is only available (for free) on the Japanese store, and most people downloading from said store should be able to speak the native Store language, let’s assume that this is for English speaking people, living in Japan, who can’t speak basic Japanese, and want to know how to pick up the seven trophies on offer.  So, it’s not for the rest of us who, frantic for a new Trophy fix, have created Japanese PSN accounts and are now mashing buttons in a vain attempt to receive some sort of trophy trinkets from a strange meowing Japanese cat. Just wanted to make that clear.

Shutsuryoku saki sentaku or "Output Selection" - here you can "appurodo" to YouTube

Shutsuryoku saki sentaku or "Output Selection".

As the resident PS3 Attitude Japanese ‘butcher’ (I was going to say ‘speaker’ but my studies has slipped of late and I’m forgetting grammar daily) I’ve attempted to translate the instructions for the various types of trophies on offer.

Let’s be honest however, apart from the bronze you get from downloading the required trophy patch there is only one task at hand here to gain the remainder – and that’s reading. And no, you didn’t read that incorrectly, you get a trophy for downloading the trophy patch. How magnanimous of them! And the giveaway theme doesn’t end there! (Though it’s not quite the Linger In Shadows fire-sale bonanza – the rest of the trophies will demand dedication).

If you’ve been searching the web for clues, you may have already found strange curvilinear scrawl that’s complete gobbledegook so I’ve attempted to translate what’s currently available for the English parsing mind. Of course, you may have already figured out how to get the trophies (it’s not hard) so this may only become revelant to those out there curious about Japanese in general.

Class is now in session.

Japanese related to the September update:
Mainichi issho purei shou!
“Prize for playing Mainichi issho!”

Itsumo mainichi issho o yuu n dekurete arigatou!
“We can now give thanks for every time you play!”

Japanese related to the remainder of trophies:
Toru Sutesshun gai dokushou 3
“Prize for Toru Station being read 3 times.”

Nyussu no gai doku kazu i ue shou
“Read the news three times and get a prize.”

"In that case, thanks ..."

Sore de wa arigataku : "In that case, thanks ..."

By checking the remainder of the Japanese you can work out that there’s another bronze trophy for reading the news ten times; two silver for reading more news thirty and fifty times (respectively) and two gold trophies for the mammoth task of getting through ninety and (brace yourself) one-hundred and twenty news items on Toru’s station.

There is a shortcut however that enables you to race through these tasks but we won’t be divulging it here. As mentioned above – this is not meant as a trophy guide but it should help you figure out what the hell is going on and the necessary tasks at hand to earn them. (Google is your friend).

Ja mata ne.