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New Tomb Raider Trailer Kicks Endangered Ass

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 November 20085 Comments

She may have her detractors around these parts but it has to be said that the new Tomb Raider Underworld trailer really delivers in the ass-kicking department.

An assortment of quick cuts featuring dives, acrobatics and heroics interweaved between Lara’s wardrobe (or lack of when it comes to those hot pants) and the game’s locations, the trailer shows off some beautiful graphical treats.

It does however ask the important question: how much of this is in-game footage or have we just seen a selection from some of the more interesting pre-rendered cut-scenes? We’re strongly siding towards the latter of the two but that doesn’t detract from the greatness of the trailer.

It’s well paced, shows some new nasties and really whets the appetite for the long awaited continuation of Lara’s adventures.

Tomb Raider: Underworld hits North American stores tomorrow with a European release on the 21st of November.