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Resident Evil 5 Demo PSN Bound

Submitted by on Friday, 28 November 20083 Comments

With all the recent love shown by Capcom towards Sony recently, it was a little disconcerting when news broke of a 360 exclusive Resident Evil 5 demo.

Well, you can put those protest placards back in your shed (for when Final Fantasy Versus XIII goes multi-platform – I’m kidding!) as it appears PS3 fans will also be getting an early glimpse of the zombie killing mayhem.

The Japanese demo (confirmed by Famitsu) will still hit first on December 5th on the 360 with the PS3 version in all territories promised “in the following weeks” though probably not simultaneously.

The PSN related news was announced over at Capcom-Unity where some other details were also revealed. Like, apparently things are going so well with the final version of the game that it will now see its release in Japan one week earlier than expected (now March 5th). Europe and NA will still get their zombie-blasting hands on it on March 13th.