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Resistance 2 media: Japan Vs. Europe

Submitted by on Friday, 14 November 20082 Comments

Eurogamer have posted up a couple of new videos for Resistance 2: one the European Ad and the other a Japanese trailer.

Though ads are obviously shorter (and need to be punchier than trailers) we’re putting the apple and the orange to you and asking: which one do you prefer?

While the Japanese trailer is moody and shows off the game’s spectacular visuals, the European version keeps with the trend that us Old Worlders are more in tune with the abstract; presenting a family event rudely interrupted by some Chimera (obviously attracted to the delicious allure or barbecued meat wafting across the American plains). Check out the chef throwing sticks at the marauding interlopers – obviously he hasn’t played the Nottingham level from the first game or he would have known sticks are just not going to cut it.

Personally, I’m leaning towards the Japanese version (quelle surprise BrodieSAN), not because it shows more game footage (a given considering its length) but I feel there’s just something off-putting with the European spot. I can’t put my finger on it but I just think they could have done something better. Let us know what you think below.

Resistance 2 was unleashed on the Japanese market yesterday and has been out a couple of weeks in North America. Deprived Europeans will finally get our hands on it on November 28th.