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Riddick returns – with new chapter and paint job

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 November 2008No Comment

Time to fess up: we were going to run the story of Atari picking up the publishing reins for “Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena” last week but we wanted to wait until something cool was also available to whet your appetite even more.

So check out the accompanying image to this post for a high-res shot of Mr. Diesel in the new game.

Despite Atari’s previous statements to suggest otherwise, the revitalised company has officially picked up the new Riddick game for publication next year. Originally conceived as a hi-def “re-imagining” of cult classic Escape From Butcher Bay with some some new levels and extras, Assault on Dark Athena is now a fully fledged game in its own right.

This is the second high-profile game Atari have decided to swoop for with the new Ghostbusters game also joining the Atari family. Though the latter’s rescue from Publisher Hell is good news for us children of the 80s (who were a tad concerned the catchphrase “Who You Gonna Call?” would become “Is Anyone Gonna Pick Up?”) it’s the Riddick sequel/remake that has this writer’s interest piqued off the chart.

Ian Stevens, head of Game Production at Tigon Studios, reveals that this new chapter of “stealth and action” will expand on the upgrade of Escape From Butcher Bay and offer a whole range of new ways to inflict mayhem as titular anti-hero Riddick. Ian states: “Assault on Dark Athena tells a new story in The Chronicles of Riddick, while at the same time sharing our original vision with a larger audience. We’re excited about the coming months and talking more in-depth about new features like the addition of Multiplayer!”

We can assume that the presence of the multiplayer feature will meet Atari’s requisite of not publishing any more “big budget single-player games” but we’ve reached out to the publisher to see how these new properties fit in with their new publishing ethos going forward.

Phil Harrison, President of Infogrames Entertainment, seems happy with the game’s prospects stating: “It’s very exciting to have Assault on Dark Athena as part of Atari’s 2009 publishing line-up. The first game in the series was a landmark in action gaming and the outstanding team at Starbreeze are creating a feature-packed follow-up which will delight fans and new players alike.”

Phil goes on to to say that the team are “push[ing] the limits of the Starbreeze engine” so, though there are some old videos of the game drifting through the ether of internet space at the moment, we’re looking forward to seeing some more up to date media featuring graphics such as the above image some time soon.

Expect to get your eye-shine on with the new (and spruced up old) Riddick some time in Spring 2009.