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SCEE launches PSN web integration

Submitted by on Friday, 28 November 20084 Comments

Just a few days behind SCEA, SCEE have now changed their official site and you can link your old PlayStation Europe account to the new, PSN integrated version.

We had previously mentioned all the changes that were going on, and it seems like this is the latest in a string of possibly related events that are leading to a better PlayStation experience for everyone.

What is nice about this implementation is that once you have linked accounts, you can modify and customise your ‘Portable ID’ gamer card. The customisation goes as far as allowing you to choose your mood, favourite game and favourite platform. Here’s an example of what your new card could look like:

The new integration is welcome. Personally, I still prefer PlayFire’s gamer card but I am looking forward to the day when my trophy cabinet is available in my Portable ID through Sony, without having to manually update the card.

In addition, you can manage your account, see your friends list (although you can’t chat to them – another ‘feature request’, I’m sure) and change your communication preferences.