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Sony bucks trend and starts advertising in Japan

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 November 2008One Comment

It was only recently we discussed how Sony’s dependency on word-of-mouth advertising may not be the best marketing ploy to get their shiny black monolith into as many homes as possible.

Historically, the relationship between Sony and “quality advertisements” has been somewhat synonymous with that of chalk and cheese. If it’s not Europeans suffering through fat guys in baths, it’s the boneheaded decision not to promote the PS3 by simply listing all the things you get with our wonderful console of choice.

Seriously, that would work. A friendly face rattling off all the features like free PSN, Home, Blu-ray, PSP compatibility, built-in wifi – you don’t need me to list them; you already know! (Ed: Since this article was drafted, Sony have ironically come out with some stellar ads in the U.S., pretty much doing just this).

Well, Sony in Japan have finally decided to put some iconic imagery front and centre to remind the recession hit home crowd just what’s on offer with the PS3.

IGN staffer Anoop Gantayat has posted up some images found at Shibuya Station showing off a few of Sony’s exclusive (in Japan at least) properties and just how hip it is to be seen with a PS3 (stuck to your face or not – see below).

I’ve been to Shibuya Station and it’s fairly close to Akihabara, the district regarded as the epicentre of gaming in Tokyo, so this can be considered guerrilla marketing tactics; pushing home the virtues of the machine right into your core audience’s face.

The images are presented below as part of a handy gallery, and though Anoop has posted up some of the translations on his website – considering I need to brush up on my Japanese studies anyway – I’ve also interpreted them here myself. Anoop and I differ a little on some of the linguistic nuances but, like they say, a lot of translation comes down to interpretation.

*Note: I’m not 100% sure about the last one. The kanji can also be interpreted as “Sexual Harmony” which, by the look on the guy’s face, might actually be what he’s trying to get across.