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SSFIITHDR Getting The MM9 Treatment

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 November 2008No Comment

It’s been about Street Fighting all this month…what happened to playing with a stick in the yard?  Super Street Fighter II HD Remix is getting its own special edition press kit, just like Mega Man 9 did.  Cleverly dubbed the Super Turbo Hyper Champion Special Edition Pack, this bad boy will include far more than your average press kit standards of screen shots and videos, hit the link for pictures and details.

Inside the box you can find the real goodies any self respecting Street Fighter fan would gladly take a Hadouken in the face for:

  • Ryu’s head band
  • Rare Chun Li figurine (only 1,000 made)
  • Magnetic Background with two sheets of Static Cling Characters
  • Street Fighter Remix Comic
  • Asset Disc

But you say that you may not have the testicular fortitude to withstand a surge of spirit energy in the kisser?  Ki released through the palms is bad for your complexion?  You don’t know what the hell I’m talking about?  Relax dear reader, you will not have to endure a fictional special attack in your persona for this.  That is until the 300 kits Capcom will offer in their own Capcom Store sell out.  After that you may have to fan out the Yoga Flames of overpriced eBay prices (see what I did there?).

If you were confused about the title don’t worry, so was I.  Shocking I know, since it was I who came up and wrote the damned thing.  I personally blame Capcom for coming up with such long names, but more importantly, for giving Sagat sagging man-tits.  Now I’ll have to call him Saggin’ Sagat and he’ll call me dead meat as a comeback, it will not end well.  What do you think of this special edition kit?  Will you get one?