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SSFIITHDR Late To the European Party

Submitted by on Wednesday, 26 November 20083 Comments

Another bit of Street Fighter news come our way via Eurogamer, sadly it is bad news for our European friends.

While the rest of the digital world enjoys the HD goodness of Ryu and the gang, Europe is left without a way to express their anger in a counter-clockwise quarter circle up motion followed by a button press.

At least not this week.

A Capcom spokesperson was quite clear with Eurogamer about the European release: “it’s definitely not this week”.  Ouch, another week waiting for a Street Fighter fix in HD is a tough pill to swallow.  There is no guarantee that it will release next week either, Capcom has remained mysteriously tight-lipped about the matter.

A quick scan of the Capcom official blog and website shed no light on the situation, only a few irate Europeans were spotted rioting in the comments section*.

We’ll keep you informed when we know more about the European release date.  Were you planning on buying it this week?  Does this change your mind about purchasing the game?  Let us know in the comments.


*If irate is defined as ‘very respectful’ and rioting is defined as ‘writing comments expressing dissapointment and frustration’, then the above is absolutely true.