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The Reason Why Girls Shouldn’t Play Dead Space

Submitted by on Wednesday, 12 November 200820 Comments

I decided recently that I wanted to play Dead Space. Off I went to my local game shop with a couple of games to trade, not expecting that I would be told that the game wasn’t appropriate for a girl to play.

I anticipated that new game feeling as I went into the shop and picked up Dead Space. I headed to the counter and handed over the games I wanted to trade waiting patiently while the Sales Assistant scanned them. That’s when it all began to go wrong. I was told I couldn’t trade in one of the games that I’d taken to trade because it wouldn’t scan through the till. I was quite happy to take it away and trade it elsewhere until the sales assistant began to show his ignorance.

Sales Assistant: I’m sorry you can’t trade that it must be the American version.

Me: No, look it’s region 2, it’s the right region.

Sales Assistant: Go home and tell your boyfriend you can’t trade his game.

Me: Excuse me? This is my game and I’d like to buy Dead Space please.

Sales Assistant: Dead Space isn’t the sort of game a girl should play. It’s too gory and not what you’d be expecting as a girl.

Me: So, what do you suggest I should play then?

Sale Assistant: Disney Sing It?

At this point I lost it and decided if I didn’t leave the shop I’d have probably ended up getting banned from there forever. I bought my game and left, and have really enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

I want to know what you guys think, are there games that you wouldn’t expect to see a girl playing?

Do you think girls should only play games that are cute and cuddly?

Am I a psycho because I find the gore in Dead Space really satisfying?

Answers and opinions below please…