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The return of the 4 letter titles; DiRT 2 announced

Submitted by on Saturday, 22 November 20083 Comments

Remember Colin McRae: DiRT? The one with the awesome replay angles?  Got it? Right.

Codemasters announced a sequel to the title. Its name; what else? DiRT 2. It seems that Codies are once again using the 4 letter title pattern just as they have done with Fuel and Grid. Of course, they’re not forgetting the recently deceased Scottish WRC Champion Colin McRae. Apparently, the game will be titled Colin McRae: DiRT 2; just like the first one, only with an extra 2.

Executive producer Gavin Raeburn promises us that the graphics, the physics, the single player career and the multiplayer modes will receive special treatment, in order to make DiRT 2 as good as possible.

The graphics engine used on the development is an upgraded version of the NEON engine, which was also used on the first title and Grid; albeit with the name EGO. The replay features will be enhanced with new “tricks” and real life professional drivers such as Travis Pastrana and Ken Block will make their appearance in the single player career. Finally, the multiplayer section will receive new modes.

Codies know their way around racing games and this one is no exception.  DiRT 2 is planned for release in 2009. Now, only if Evolution Studios decided to make a WRC game for our beloved PS3…