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Trophy Wars – Week 2 – “All war is deception”

Submitted by on Monday, 3 November 20085 Comments

War continues to rage amongst the eight independent States; the intensity fueled by the latest discovery of elements in Junk and  Venezuela.

Any chance of a peaceful resolution is dealt a further blow when diplomatic relations deteriorate between The United State of Danny and Kawaiiland with both states staking claim to the honour of being the first to discover the rarest of all the elements, Platinum.

Movement within the social ranks is subtle with only Great Dolph and Kawaiiland switching positions. However, despite the order remaining static, the lower ranks are abuzz with excitement as King Majiesto of Majiesto erodes Pandamonia’s lead with tales of silvern daring to the pompous elite.

Great Dolph, losing touch with the heady heights of the social pecking order, is soon shunned from the inner circles of the metallic gentry though inside moles within the Chief’s camp report a reserve of ore yet to be unleashed on his unsuspecting enemies.

Finally, after the loss of contact with his supply train last week, San Brodie reconnects with the Trophy horde in enough time to collect a mighty one trophy. Pathetic.

Two weeks in and we’re already seeing a pattern emerge with Danny_D taking top spot once again. Kawaii and DolphGB trade places but, apart from this switch, it’s as you were.  Brodiesan’s PSN profile is now repaired but, not including the perfunctory post-fix trophy pick-up to confirm connectivity to the trophy database, he continues to shun trophy rich games in favour of a backlog of “gems from yesteryear”.

DolphGB, now nearly 50 points off the pace, insists a charge (or at least a light canter) will be made next week and, apart from Kawaii who really impressed with a haul of 40 trophies (+28% in terms of points increase) in one week, it’s Majiesto who emerges as a potential threat to the early leaders with an impressive 16 trophies and 18 points.

Battle weary and yearning for home, the belligerents speak:

Danny_D: “This week’s battle was far tougher and closer than the Playfire chart suggests.  I must admit that I am starting to feel the Kawaii-an heat and I think I like it; it keeps me alert and vigilant.  A great moral victory was achieved; I managed to conquer the first, and for a short while, only Platinum Trophy of this brutal war (editor: allegedly!).  It is an honor I now share with Kawaii, a most noble and gracious adversary.  As for Dolph…good luck comrade, I hear Majiesto is gunning for you.  Commander D, over and out.”

Kawaii: “Dolph already has fallen to girl power and I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t put up more of a fight. Watch out Danny, I’m close on your heels.”:)

DolphGB: “Danny and Kawaii are not impervious to destruction. Watch out. I’ve also changed tack recently and am going for gold and platinum. I have more bronze than either of them!”

Phreaky: “I’m not particularly happy with my current standing. But then again, I’m not exactly gutted. There are *some* in the team who get an unnatural glint in the eye when you mention the ‘T’ word at PS3 Attitude Towers these days. I’m happy to just play the games and let the trophies happen… mostly. Still trying to beat Zico…”

Captain Panda: “My increase will be more than 2.24% next week :) I’m catching up.”

Majiesto: “Well a week’s gone by and still in 6th place, oh well. I see I am catching up to CaptainPanda so I’m making progress at least. Here’s to a good week of gaming and trophy whoring!”

Brodiesan: “I’ve spent half the week disconnected from the trophy database and the majority of my time checking out the Resistance 2 beta, the Mirror’s Edge demo and, believe it or not, the Warhawk trial (which I found really interesting by the way). Not to mention I’m still enjoying Heavenly Sword – a game I’m finally getting around to. My next game will be trophy-licious but to be honest, looking at the gap already between the likes of us lowly peons and Danny_D, my strategy during this war will simply be “don’t be last”.

MeEdic: “Well, I now have 27 trophies in my collection. If Playfire had added Battlefield Bad Company to the list, I now would have reached the impressing number of 65 trophies. And I didn’t even start Far Cry 2 yet! 100 trophies, here I come! LoL!”

Check back next week. If anything we’re sure of one thing: the top might not be changing much – but the bottom surely will.