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Trophy Wars – Week 3 – Capitulation

Submitted by on Monday, 10 November 20084 Comments

As the tyrannical United State of Danny cements his totalitarian grip on the alloy arena, the rest of the global powers scramble for position.

Kawaiiland allies herself with Great Dolph in an attempt to topple the The Golden Usurper but, despite sharing the accolades of being this week’s biggest Trophy gainer (71) and largest Points increase (97) respectively, their attempted dethronement fails.

Rumours spread like wildfire that in a gross and hedonistic display of celebration, Danny_D decides to melt down some surplus trophies and bathe in their shiny ichor.

Hidden beneath the surface of inertia, movement stirs. Great Dolph joins the elitist club of Platinum Wranglers while Meedicia literally doubles his trophy and score count in a drive that lifts him off the lowest of the social rungs.

Meanwhile, San Brodie suffers the ignominy of collecting the grand total of zero trophies this week. A motion is submitted to the League of Metallurgy to have his Trophy state status revoked only for it to be thrown out when the votes supporting the proposition are counted and found to be all in the hand of Phreaksville. Dejected yet empowered, San Brodie turns to a life of crime.

Week three and the pattern has now become the norm; Danny_D is unstoppable. At this rate I think he spends his nights dreaming up new and wonderful ways of earning trophies and disparaging quips to put us in our collective places. It’s been a mammoth week for trophy collecting for all but one. Yes, Brodiesan refuses to play along and suffers the consequences; dropping to the bottom of the table. Apparently things will change next week but – we’ll have to wait and see.

Note: I have no idea what is going on with Playfire’s points system. Everybody’s point score seems to have been multiplied by 15 and for a moment there I thought someone had broken into my account, saw my shame and picked up a bucket of trophies for me.

Danny_D: “Week three: Kawaii is getting closer, I can almost smell her. Dolph made a surprise attack but was quickly thwarted, I admire his tenacity nonetheless. My Mercs served their purpose, but future success will depend on a single secret operative. Commander D, over and out.”

Kawaii: … has been sick. Not sick enough to pick up over 70 trophies of course.

DolphGB: “My first Platinum came from Burnout Paradise, and it keeps me in the game. The only problem? LittleBigPlanet has arrived. Whilst I love trophy hunting and I’m super competitive, I fear I may fall back a little whilst I give all my attention to the land of Sackpeople. Oh the brutality!”

Phreaky: “The hares are streaking ahead and appear to be teeny blips on the horizon. But then, I think that the tortoises are going to be putting up a good fight soon – there are simply loads of games out awarding trophies, so the whole ‘trophy whore’ thing is becoming less of an issue. Just playing the game through gets you a ton of trophies as made clear by LBP. Us laggers will start to clamber back up the ladder soon enough… mark my words. *Evil laugh*”

Captain Panda: … ignored the call for a comment. He will perish for his insolence.

Majiesto: ” Well, this wasn’t such a shining week for Majiesto. At least I broke that 100 point barrier, right? You know what they say, though. There is always a calm before the storm. So prepare yourself because the storm is coming.”

MeEdic: “Hurray! MeEdIC is 7th! And all thanks to Dead Space (37 trophies; money in the bank 😀 ) and Battlefield: Bad Company! Hell, I didn’t even play Bad Company; I just run the update and earned 14 trophies! Up next is BioShock and Far Cry 2. Only if Eternal Sonata had trophies :(”

Brodiesan: “If there were trophies for spectacular aerial combos in Heavenly Sword I’d be at the top of this stupid table. Who am I kidding? My shame is complete.”