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Trophy Wars – Week 4 – “Danny Must Die” Edition

Submitted by on Monday, 17 November 2008No Comment

A month passes and the eight member States continue to jostle for position. No significant challenge to the crown is made however and The United State of Danny takes this opportunity to declare himself The Electrum Emperor with the others too weak and fearful of retribution to refute his ascension.

The only hope comes in the form of Kawaiiland, now distancing herself from the alliance with Great Dolph and secretly plotting a run at the throne by herself.

Consistently the winner with the greatest number of trophies collected each week (with a toll of 31 this week – nearly twice that of the United State’s 17), the antechambers and vestibules of numerous Houses are rife with rumour and speculation that it is only a matter of time before a woman will lead the social race for wealth and recognition.

In response, The United State of Danny nonchalantly smiles at the baseless conjecture and sharpens his chammie.

First up, an apology to Danny who probably had a heart-attack when he saw the visage of Kawaii peering out from behind this post’s accompanying image. He is still our leader but we decided that it was time to award another member who has made continuous strides each week.  Hence, instead of bestowing the usual award on Danny_D, we decided to not applaud the person with the highest score this week but he or she who has made the most consistent gains.

If you check the stats, Kawaii has 54 more trophies that Danny_D but trails in the overall score stakes due to Danny’s superior gold horde (+10) and platinum count (Danny_D’s 3 to Kawaii’s 1). One gets the feeling that if Kawaii went on a Gold Rush the top of the board might finally see a change. There is one change to speak of though: Captain Panda finally overtakes Phreaky this week.

It’s a poor week in general for the trophy seekers however with a grand total of 84 new awards collected – a significant drop from the previous week’s count of 303. And Brodiesan is actually earning trophies again so how could this happen?

Well, DolphGB has been busy with some top secret gaming and therefore couldn’t collect as rapaciously as normal. Phreaky has only gone and “done a Brodiesan” adding nothing to his trophy drove and Majiesto only managed to do marginally better by picking up one gold.

The calm before the storm? I’m sure the usual bombastic claptrap from the below will insist that this is the case. Speaking of which …

Danny_D: “Oh my, how easily this victory came to fruition.  My strategy did not unfold as predicted, in fact, it never came to be.  But even when my great State was in total disarray my enemies proved worthy of my disdain.  Here I remain, unscathed in this hellish war.  One month has come and gone and I barely have any battle scars to show for it.  I almost feel disappointed…”

Kawaii: “Panda is working with Danny to sabotage me by sending me non-trophy games.”

DolphGB: “Despite what you may think, I have been hard at work grabbing trophies this week. The problem? I’ve been playing a bunch of pre-release titles and PlayFire don’t have the trophy lists on their servers yet. The good news is that this competition is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Captain Panda: “Clawing my way to the top…panda-style!”

Phreaky: … is Phreaky.

Majiesto: “It’s been a busy week so I’ve had to put my trophy whoring aside and focus on more important things…like eating and sleeping.”

MeEdic: “Low trophy harvesting week indeed. I’ve got to admit that trophy hunting at Far Cry 2 has proven a much more difficult task than Dead Space. No worries though. I’m getting the new add-ons for Dead Space. Time to kill some Necromorphs; and earn the rest of the trophies. Hurray!”

Brodiesan: “I finished off Heavenly Sword and I’m now playing through Uncharted a second time because it’s such a wonderful game. Who am I kidding? I want those bloody trophies! At the same time I’m dallying with GTAIV which demands more time than I can commit to at the moment. I’m sure when Drake has hung up his M79 I’ll be exclusively spending my nights with Niko and Co.”