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Watch Lara Escape A Sinking Ship

Submitted by on Wednesday, 12 November 20083 Comments

A new Tomb Raider: Underworld video has been released, and as the resident Tomb Raider critic-in-chief here in Attitude Towers, I felt compelled to give you my thoughts about it.

The graphics look nice enough and the fact that Lara is trying to escape a ‘sinking ship’ is hilarious, maybe metaphorical and, in my opinion, a tad prophetic.  Wouldn’t you agree?

The anchor-chain-climbing animation, the first action we see Lara do in the trailer, stuck with me.  It did because it seemed to use the same one animation repeated ad nauseam.  The same could be said about the sideways-ledge-moving animation at the end of the trailer.   For a character that boasts “over 2000 animations” and “Olympic caliber gymnasts being motion captured for Lara” (Beneath The Surface: What Could Lara Do?) this seems like a waste of a concept.  I was secretly hoping to be proved wrong about my initial thoughts on gameplay enhancements and be confronted with beautifully fluid animations, but alas, I see no such thing (so far).  Oh 2000 animations, where art thou?

Speaking of movement, I liked the Max Payne style slow motion dive to dodge the flaming barrels (0:52 mark).  However I did not like Lara’s ability to ‘stop on a dime’ when that flaming wreckage fell in front of her (0:57 mark).  Are we going back to moving Lara ‘like a tank’?  I don’t know exactly why that jumping kick (0:22 mark) looks so weird to me…any thoughts?  And did Lara take a shot in the gut (0:25 mark) all willy-nilly?  Although that cut scene was exciting (0:27 mark), I’m afraid only RPGs and JRPGs in particular can get away with having cooler cut scenes than gameplay.

In the end this latest trailer did not show me enough to sway my perception of this unreleased game.  If Tomb Raider: Underworld does what I think it will, I would like to recommend this for the next title:Tomb Raider: How to Escape a Sinking Ship. Really, I’m Asking. This Mother is going Down