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Age of Booty Will Be Patched, Probably In The Eye

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 December 20089 Comments

Leaks.  Some are more severe than others but it is the undisputable truth that we all have experienced them.  Even more so if you own a boat.  So it should not come as a big surprise that a game full of ships, pirate ships for that matter, has suffered its own share of leaks.  Coincidentally, all the rum is gone.

Capcom has fessed up that the European Trial version and the North American trophy patch were actually leaked and not ready for prime time at all.  That is the reason you may be experiencing stability issues, connection problems and, if you live in Europe, an overwhelming feeling of exclusion.  With great leaks come great patches, or at least a peg leg up in there to stop the flow.  A patch is coming soon to fix all this.  Actually, two patches.

What will these patches do and how will they affect the Trophies (and the missing rum)?

The first emergency patch will revert Age of Booty to the ‘proper version’ to alleviate the aforementioned stability and connection problems.  Sony will have it in 24 hours and then it is expected to go live shortly after that.  The second patch is ‘a week or so’ away from being submitted to Sony for approval, this is the proper Trial and Trophy patch that will restore Age of Booty to it’s former glory.  Trophy whores will have to find another Booty to plunder until then (don’t worry, I’ll be fine).

Amazingly no culprits have been named as of this writing (for the leak or the missing rum) so perhaps it was just an oversight.  Earlier reports suggesting the involvement of a secret squad of ninja saboteurs was totally unfounded.  Totally.