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Astro Tripper Heads to PSN via PomPom Games

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 December 2008No Comment

Make note, people. December 11th marks a day that we get our happy little trigger fingers on the sparkly new PSN game ‘Astro Tripper’. PomPom Games released this on the PC which went on to win awards in 2001.

So. A seven year old game from the PC universe is coming to PSN. Why should we care? Click through for the lowdown on what PomPom have done to spice up this reworking of the game.

For starters you can expect glorious 1080p graphics from this side-scrolling shooter. Funky 3D graphics and effects are promised and even trophies will make an appearance (I can hear those wallets popping open already Danny and Kawaii!)

14 levels of bugs, slugs, aliens and tanks are promised spanning across 4 worlds and featuring online leaderboards.

How did a game that was created for the desktop make the leap to the console? Moreover, how did this leap come about after so many years?

‘Mike’ of PomPom Games says: “We created Astro Tripper on PC in 2000, always knowing it belonged on console. I mean… PC users and joypads? I don’t think so. When we spoke to Sony about getting the game onto the PS3 via the Playstation store they were very keen and worked with us to make it a reality.” (The PR statement really was as clear as that!)

I’m curious to see how this one works. This might just be worth a punt come the 11th.