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Batman Arkham Asylum Teaser Trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 December 20085 Comments

Brand new trailer for the awaited Arkham Asylum videogame starring an older Niko Bellic (pictured).  I kid, Niko only does a cameo.  Sorry, I kid again, I don’t know who that guy in the picture is but you can bet the Bat-cave he is not Niko Bellic (or is he?).

But back to the (real) good news, as you may know Batman will be voiced by Kevin Conroy.  Better known as the voice of Batman in pretty much every animated Batman show ever (as part of the wider DC Animated Universe), Mr. Conroy will certainly bring a level of authenticity to the caped crusader.  But wait there’s more!  The Joker will be voiced by none other than Mark Hamill.  Mark freakin’ Hamill.  If you don’t know who Mark Hamill is or why he should be the voice of The Joker all the time you can no longer be my friend and I will drop you from my PSN buddy list faster than you can say ‘Holy nut case, Batman!’.

The mere involvement of these remarkable voice actors should be enough for longtime Batman fans to be more than excited for this game.  But for the rest of the gaming world, the proof may lie in the gameplay.  Sadly this trailer offers none that I can see.  It looks like pretty pre-rendered cut-scenes that made Tomb Raider: Underworld appear much better than it really was (please don’t get me started on that).

As I have said before, a purely CG trailer is generally a bad sign of things to come.  Is it too soon to count Arkham Asylum out?  Perhaps.  Will this end up like the Killzone target render video or will we be made true believers when the game releases?

[via press release]