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Crash Commando Available Today, Underwear Optional?

Submitted by on Thursday, 18 December 20082 Comments

crash_commandoOur good friends at the PlayStation Blog have given us a few tips and strategies to get us ready for today’s debut of Crash Commando at the North American PlayStation Store (it will also be out in the UK).

Game mode details, friendly trash talking from the developers and the possibility of a demo?  Read on to find out more.

First, the seasoned Crash Commanders would like to share some tips and strategies with us greenhorns:

  • Meet your thumb’s new best friend, the right stick.  The the best and easiest way to aim is with a full tilt in the direction you want to shoot, adjusting using a circular motion. Never release the stick from full tilt while aiming and firing.
  • Know thy weapon.  Namely, their strengths and weaknesses.  After some practice you will be able to use the environments to your advantage with the right weapon.
  • C4, not just for campfires anymore.  C4 is best used against vehicles (or soldiers) thanks to its instant kill capability.
  • Spread your wings.  Use your jetpack to reach higher grounds and to ‘spin’.  To spin, push the left stick down and slightly left or right while pushing the jetpack button to spin away quickly.  And keep an eye on your jetpack fuel, relax, it regenerates quickly once  you are on your feet.
  • And then there were three.  Survival bonuses can give you regenerative health (with a small max health bump), faster running speed, or quicker jetpacks (now able to kill people by spinning).  You can have all three at the same time, if you earn them. crash-commando

You will be able to use every one of these strategies in the following game modes:

  • Deathmatch.  Kill everyone.
  • Team Deathmatch.  Try not to kill your teammates, mmmkay?
  • Map Objectives.  Exclusive to multiplayer, one team attacks while the other defends.
    • Espionage.  Attackers download data from four data terminals and upload back at the base.
    • Sabotage.  Attackers destroy three clusters of control panels by planting bombs.  Bombs can be defused by defenders.

EPOS Game Studios, the team behind Crash Commando, expects to give you a good whoopin’ of the buttocks come game day, but they wisely concede that after a while the tables will be turned.  Let us rain on their parade and wipe the floor with them since day one, yes?

And finally, when asked for a demo for the millionth time in the comments, US Producer Daimion Pinnock told us to “Please watch this space for a demo in the very near future”.  I deduce that by ‘this space’ he refers to the PlayStation Blog.  But you don’t have to really, we are sure to pass the word around when a demo blesses the PSN.

Oh, and don’t forget about the Trophies.