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Deader Space next year?

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 December 2008No Comment

According to EA CEO John Ricitello, the company is happy with its improved metacritic scores. The number of games with scores of over 80 jumped from 7 last year to a mighty 17 this year.

But is that good enough for the lofty expectations of EA? No, nein, nacht, non and nei. They want things to be even better in the new year and have some plans as to how to make that dream a reality.

Click through for the details.

In an EA conference call reported on by our friends over at Gamasutra, John Ricitello revealed that the company intends to make more top-quality games next year in order to capitalise on what has been an exceptional year for new IPs.

He outlined the company plan to save money by cutting SKUs and focusing more dev time building on these new IPs. Dead Space was named directly, as was Mirror’s Edge.

It could be reasonably inferred that we could see sequels to these new titles in 2009, given that this was the crux of the conference call.

Clearly EA are looking to build new franchises out of 2008’s biggest new games. But could this mean that we are more likely to move back towards the ‘old’ EA of yesteryear, notorious for simply churning out ‘LastYearsGameAgain 200X’?

Frankly, we don’t see this happening. EA have made some truly amazing games this past year, and – with some careful planning – this change of game plan could really pay off when it comes to the issue of sequels.

Every story has two sides, and it has to be said that I don’t know how either game ends* and therefore whether or not each really lends itself to the sequel treatment. But having followed the development of both games from very early on, I am pleased, if not entirely surprised, by this news.

Should we be worried that EA are apparently cutting back and relying on sequels again? Time – and your comments – will tell.

*asI have yet to finish them. Bubbles will be restricted, without prejudice, from anyone who gives ANYTHING away about the respective stories in the comments.