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Survey Results – PS3 Owners Want the 360’s GTA IV Content Most Of All

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 December 200820 Comments

You may recall we ran a brief (as in two question) survey a short time ago asking quite plainly: of all the exclusive DLC that has gone the ‘Way of the X’, what are you as a PS3 owner most eager to play?

We wanted to get a feeling of how the PS3 population out there are concerned with the current scenario of popular games getting the epilogue treatment on the 360. The survey results has definitely thrown up some interesting discussion points.

As part of this census we also asked how long PS3 fans are willing to wait for the aforementioned console locked content to surface for the PS3. These results probably surprised us more.

So, what game got the nod? The title above might proffer a hint but by just how much did GTAIV receive more votes than Fallout 3 and Tomb Raider: Underworld? What came second? Read on for numbers!

Which game are you simply looking for an excuse to either blow the cobwebs from (in the case of a certain sandbox crime infused mega-hit) or are simply ravenous to keep on going with; be that by desecrating more ancient burial grounds or stalking some more through an irradiated destroyed Washington.

Once again, we are not saying any of this exclusive content is coming to the PS3. We just wanted to gauge the masses and gather a sample of how you good people are viewing the current state of the DLC market.

If we’re being honest, there was little shock amongst us here when Grand Theft Auto IV’s new episode “The Lost and Damned” took nearly half the votes with 41% but what did strike us as somewhat surprising was the amount of people who reject the concept of DLC altogether.

The results:

  1. GTA: IV (41%)
  2. Fallout 3 (23%)
  3. I don’t believe in DLC. You should get everything at the start. (23%)
  4. Other (9%)
  5. Tomb Raider: Underworld (5%)

Second in the list, with a respectable 23%, is Fallout 3 but it’s the third choice that actually befuddled us with nearly one in four people gaming in this generation not believing in the practice of DLC whatsoever. Moving on, we honestly don’t know what other exclusive content has gone to the 360 (covered by the 9% voted upon) but maybe you can enlighten us in the comments. Finally, Lara’s latest escapade into the Underworld props up the table with 5%.

The results of how long PS3 users are prepared to wait for this content to cross over also raised some proverbial eyebrows.

36% of people claimed that “As long as it comes, it doesn’t matter when”, suggesting that over a third of PS3 owners are prepared to fork out money for “The Lost and Damned” (for example) in 2009 – or even later. We don’t know when (or if) the exclusivity of this content expires but I’m sure Rockstar will be happy with this showing of support from the PS3 camp.

32% of the voters are practical, if not a tad impatient, by voting for option two (“Less than 6 months after the 360 release. They paid for it – I don’t mind waiting a little.”) while 23% of people are slightly more enduring and willing to wait “between 6 months and a year. But no longer.”

No surprises that the 23% of people who don’t believe in DLC also voted for the last option of “Never. Screw the platform holders for this tactic of restricting content to certain people.” We would have been most surprised if this last figure deviated from the Non-Believer camp but luckily the laws of physics held true in this case.

What’s your response to the results? A mixture of surprise an agreement? Let us know in the comments.

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