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Final Fantasy XIII’s Shiva Sisters [Updated]

Submitted by on Friday, 12 December 20085 Comments

shiva2Tis the season to be … fantasy. With details of White Knight Chronicles’ episode 0 emerging yesterday it’s only fair that the other big hitter in the JRPG stable has the chance to bedazzle us with some new details.

Thanks to our friends over at we’ve got our hands on some new FFXIII images and, lo and behold, we get a good look at Summon aegis extraordinaire, Shiva. But wait – there’s two of them? The ice elemental has appeared in practically every Final Fantasy game so it’s no shock to see her resurface in the latest edition. It is somewhat surprising to see her so – mechanical.

Check after the jump for the full image along with some translation of what the Japanese annotation means.


The Japanese text is numerous and most of it is mere descriptive text of what you’re seeing. What is interesting to note is that the Shiva’s head dress (and scarf!) switches between “gold and silver thread” depending on which incarnation you summon. Shiva’s legs are also described, quite oddly, as “mufflers”. Those crazy Japanese!

We’ve presented some of the new images in a helpful gallery below (which includes a Versus poster – yes, we know they’re two different games). We’ve also included the recent Cloud image that surfaced recently. My, how that boy has changed!

[UPDATE] Thanks to Usiel’s comment below, we went back to the image and deciphered more of the Japanese and can confirm that the image actually depicts the Shiva Sisters. If you do some searching around Final Fantasy forums (like we just did) you’ll see that some information has already been released confirming the fact that, this time around, we’re getting Shiva siblings.