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Free Radical Design closes their doors for good

Submitted by on Friday, 19 December 20084 Comments

free-radicalSad news comes today from Nottingham. Free Radical Design, the studio who brought us the TimeSplitters franchise as well as Haze, will be shutting down.  It looks like we will not get to see a release of TimeSplitters 4.

The announcement came from Tiga this morning and they have expressed their condolences toward the studio.  Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga, had this to say on the subject matter.

“On behalf of all Tiga members, I would like to say how sorry the whole industry is to hear of the fate of Free Radical Design. The studio has employed some very talented teams developing first class games over the years. Free Radical Design has also been a member of Tiga and a strong supporter of our trade association. I would like to congratulate everyone at the studio for their past achievements and I wish everyone good fortune in finding a new job as quickly as possible. Free Radical Design’s demise highlights the difficult economic environment in which UK games developers do business.”

The economy has proven to be tough on all and just as GameZine sends their condolences,  everyone here at PS3 Attitude Towers would like to extend our best wishes towards the employees of Free Radical Design. They have given us some great games in the past (having worked on N64’s seminal classic GoldenEye 007 while at Rare) and we can only hope that they go on to create bigger and better things.