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Home 1.04 now letting people in (with beards too)

Submitted by on Friday, 19 December 20084 Comments

63Reviewing our helpful shopping list of areas where we thought the Home engineers might want to focus their efforts on, you’d be forgiven to think that we’re a bunch of beardy weirdos here at PS3 Attitude.

Nothing could be further from the truth (strokes full beard cultivated during recent illness). We just thought that, if there’s one thing you really should be able to control on an avatar – it’s got to be facial hair. After all, it’s like guy make-up … or something.

With the latest update/release/patch of Home, we finally have the ability to get our facial fuzz on. And the other good news? The recent server problems seem to be remedied so you can actually get in now and turn your virtual self into a version of Abraham Lincoln – if so desired.

1.04 did promise to fix (some) of the crippling access issues experienced by the majority of the Home community but we should admit that this is always going to be a difficult thing to state as categorically solved. After all, apparently some people back on 1.03 had no issues and got in first time, every time. Most of us didn’t though but just because we’re now getting in (repeatedly) on the first attempt, we’re not going to be as presumptuous to suggest that all server access woes have been neutralised. Ted the Dog did say that connectivity and robustness is something that the Home engineers would be working on “continually” so take this update as the first (big) step in making the service actually viable.

The aforementioned facial hair is a much appreciated edition but, we’re sad to report, it’s far from perfect. The options now available are side-burns, some luscious mutton chops, a “chinnie”, a devil spike and, straight from the 17th century, a full on Abe Lincoln. You may notice something strangely absent. Where’s the most popular combo of simple moustache and chin whiskers? Are they seriously telling us that mutton chops are more popular than the ubiquitous upper lip with soul patch and chin bristle combination?

And speaking of soul patches. Nothing!

It’s not the only thing glaringly missing from 1.04 but this time it’s something we had before and must sacrifice for better connectivity and bum-fluff as Voice chat has been gagged in Home until further notice. Seemingly there were some issues and, instead of keeping what sounds like the muffled screams of demented child-demons in the background while the developers worked on the glitches, the heathens have been silenced outright. Until the tech guys figure it out of course. Then the banshees of annoyance and distortion will be back to tell you just how much your Robot dance sucks.

Are you (unlike us) sad to hear that the cries of the tortured are removed? Still smarting over the lack of the commonest beard known to man? Let us know in the comments.