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Home 1.05 returns Voice Chat to the masses

Submitted by on Monday, 22 December 20084 Comments

sony-ps-home2It was only a couple of days ago when we were documenting the necessary trade-off between actually getting in to Home (with a goatie) and the distortion-esque caterwauls that passes/passed for “Voice Chat”.

Well, it looks like the engineers didn’t need that long after all and the cries of the demented have been returned to our unsuspecting ears as Home version 1.05 is available right now.

The post over at the PS Blog couldn’t be more succinct or clearer. The article states that “users will be able to use voice chat within their personal space and clubhouses.” So no more screaming abuse at random strangers in the Home Square then? Read on for the conspiracy behind the recent yankage of the voice chat feature only for it to return in a gimped format.

The reason behind the pulling of Voice Chat is officially “to overcome some technical problems and improve its service”. All sounds kosher but, considering its now restricted format (only available in personal spaces and clubhouses), there is a lot of people saying that this measure is Sony’s way of countering the high number of “abuse related incidents” reported during the opening days of Home.

As is the trend with all online communities, it seems there is always going be a certain few that have nothing better to do than seek out others with the sole intention of telling them just how much they suck at something.

Until this phenomenon has been excised from the hybrid consciousness of the internet (not any time soon I posit) consider the concept of universal voice chat as the elusive dream – never to be fully realised.

Are you happy that the screaming demons are back? (Though, given, these would be screaming demons you would actually know). Let us know in the comments.

[Thanks Magnuw]