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Home Hits Tomorrow. Details on Game Spaces and Watchmen event

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 December 20083 Comments

After years of delays, and an extended beta that pretty much saw everyone and his dog be a part of, Sony have finally announced that the recently hinted at “imminent” launch of PlayStation Home is actually more imminent than you might have thought.

Home will launch tomorrow.

More details after the jump.

We received the press release this morning and, despite our previous prediction that the 11th would be the date of Homecoming, we have to admit that it took us completely by surprise. Considering we tossed around about eight different prediction dates over the last few months, this is not a prophetic achievement.

The release states:

“Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that its highly anticipated PlayStation®Home Beta service for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3â„¢) will become available for all PS3 users around the world 1 on December 11, 2008. Following the successful completion of the closed beta service, PlayStation Home’s open beta service will continue to evolve with new features and functionality.”

But that’s not all. There are other new details peppered throughout the missive including some new details about the game spaces.

“Starting with a themed Far Cry 2 space, PlayStation Home will offer game inspired environments that allow people to discuss the specific games, plan strategies and access content and clues that will enhance the gaming experience. The number of gaming environments such as this will regularly increase, with spaces for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortuneâ„¢, Warhawkâ„¢, Motorstorm and SOCOM following very soon. SCEE is working with leading publishers such as: Electronic Arts, UBISOFT, Midway, Sega and Atari to create engaging environments that will provide users with an on-going gaming experience.”

Looks like Sully’s shack is going to be receiving some remodelling before it’s unleashed on the Home population.

We all know Home will be populated with companies trying to market their brands directly into your avatar’s face. We already reported that Red Bull has the honour of being first but we now know fashion leader Diesel, contemporary furniture designers Ligne Roset, film studio Paramount Pictures and video content providers Hexus TV are also on board. From a gaming perspective, expect to see Eurogamer with a virtual presence within the environment.

As part of its prodigious launch, Home will also host a Watchmen event and see a selection of “virtual Watchmen merchandise e.g. T-Shirts with the smiley face logo, Doomsday clocks and character statues,” on offer though some of the aforementioned content will only be available in the New Year. An exclusive trailer to the new Zack Synder film will feature (with an introduction from Zack himself) along with an in-game gathering between lucky competition winners and the cast of the film. This event is also planned for the New Year.

It’s not all good news though: In the small print we discover that not all regions will go live (we’re assuming some of the smaller ones as Europe, Japan and NA are all mentioned in the release) and to be a Clubhouse owner will incur a fee. But we knew that already.

Are you happy now? Did you see this day ever coming? Are you now eager to see what all the fuss regarding the Avatar Generator is? Let us know in the comments.