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Irresistible Resistance Gifts

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 December 20084 Comments

Insomniac did not make a list.  Insomniac did not check the aforementioned non-existing list more than one time.  Insomniac did not care if you were naughty or nice (not even if you cheated in a R2 online match).  Insomniac is coming to town and they are bringing gifts for all of us PlayStation 3 lovers this Thursday December 11th.

There are also news for Resistance 2 owners and members.  At this point you should be thinking “Yeah, yeah, yeah, how nice.  But what about the gifts?”.  Glad you asked, read on to find out.

Some ‘really cool new community features’ are on their way to in a matter of weeks and Resistance 2 patches are being diligently worked on.  Looks like Insomniac are keeping an eye on those message boards.  And now without further ado, here are the gifts:

Gift # 1: Resistance 2 PS3 Themes

Three new Resistance 2 themes are yours for the taking.  As if your PS3 didn’t have enough Chimeras, now they are taking over your XMB in style.   Each theme will have multiple wallpapers, you can check out the wallpapers for one the new themes named ‘Man vs. Chimera’ in the gallery below.

Gift # 2: Resistance: Fall of Man Map Packs – Now Free

Talk about holding out for the right price.  Both Resistance: Fall of Man map packs will be available to download free of charge.  Map Pack 1 will get you Westmorland, England and Camborne, England.  Map Pack 2 gets you Bracknell and Axbridge.

Gift # 3: New Resistance 2 Trailer

The favorite trailer of the Insomniac team (so far) will hit the PSN tomorrow and feature some truly epic moments from the game.

So there you have it, how do you like your new gifts?