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It came from Kijuju [Updated]

Submitted by on Monday, 8 December 2008One Comment

I received a rather interesting email today from the PR team over at Capcom. Titled, “It came from Kijuju”, the body consists of the phrase repeated over and over. As you all know, or at least are about to know, Kijuju is a city on the West Coast of Africa and the setting for Resident Evil 5.

In the center of the email was this link that went to a viral marketing site for the upcoming Resident Evil game. Well done Capcom, you officially have me scared straight and intrigued to learn more. Hit the jump to see just what we have learned from the site.

Scattered on the wall are many phrases. “They are from Kijuju” is repeated over and over along with some other less scarce sayings. Here is what we’ve found thus far:

  • Progentor Virus
  • Sheva knew
  • Wesker is a liar
  • Las Plagas
  • Seashell is evil
  • Raccoon City wasn’t the end
  • Where is Oswell
  • Flashbacks can’t stop them
  • The Kennedy ready
  • The numbers 1 through 5

Now some of those, I’m not 100% sure on as they can be difficult to read, specifically Oswell and Kennedy ready. There are also 2 others that I spotted, “Majini” and “PG67A/W” near the 2 that I have no idea what they could mean. I tried using “PG67A/W” in the address bar but no luck came from it. Check out the site for yourself and let us know if you find anything else.

[Update] As pointed out by Phreaky below, you can click on the 1 and a text entry appears. Type in “Refinery” to view a live action trailer for the game. Not sure what it all means yet but there is sure to be more.