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LittleBigPlanet + Metal Gear Solid = Pure Awesomeness

Submitted by on Friday, 19 December 20088 Comments

mgs-lbpCome December 23rd, LittleBigPlanet is getting a massive update, Metal Gear Solid style. We’ve already seen the Snake Sackboy costume before. Now, there are 3 others; Meryl, Raiden, and Screaming Mantis! The costume pack will cost you $5.99 for all 4 or $1.99 a piece.

But wait, there’s more. Along with the costume pack comes the MGS Level Pack which is along the same lines as the Festive Pack. This is not your average pack though. It contains much more than stickers, objects, and decorations. Hit the jump for the juicy details.

First off, this level pack actually contains levels! That’s right, included are 5 new Story levels and 1 Challenge level, all Metal Gear Solid themed of course. Here is what else you will be receiving:

  • Gurlokovich soldier sackboy costume
  • new stickers (72), materials (12), decorations (10), and objects (18)
  • 3 new background music tracks
  • 1 new interactive music track
  • 1 new Metal Gear Solid themed ‘sound object’
  • New Plasma Ball ‘danger element’
  • New Laser Sight ‘gadget’
  • New functioning Searchlight lamp – for those special ‘exclamation mark’ moments
  • …and finally, the piece de resistance…THE PAINTINATOR (and Paint Switch)

mgs-lbp-2The Paintinator adds a whole new element to the world of LBP. Now you can shoot paint at your enemies (and friends) as well as specific switches that trigger when they have been painted a certain amount. Talk about firepower. Hit up the PlayStation.Blog for a video to see it in action.

Wait… you thought I was done? There’s more? Yep, 12 new trophies will become available as well. All this for the low, low, price of $5.99. If you’re not a fan of spending more money on DLC but still want to play MGS levels than fear not.

  • Non-MGS Level Pack owners can PLAY the MGS Story Levels by joining a “host” who owns the pack and play the levels online together. Now you won’t be able to keep any objects, but you can have tons of fun just PLAYing.
  • MGS Level Pack owners will be able to CREATE levels with any of these items (including the Paintinator) and SHARE them online for everyone to play.

Whew, that was a mouthful. So what do you think of the MGS Level Pack? Awesome, right? I know I will be spending the $11.98 to get all the goodies. It is definitely worth it.