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LittleBigUpdates – Patches 1.06 and 1.07 Explained

Submitted by on Monday, 22 December 20082 Comments

lbp-logoLike night follows day, you can be assured that LittleBigPlanet will continue to be supported to a high degree over the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

Sackboys and girls will no doubt have already noticed that a brace of patches were released recently and, if you were wondering what exactly each contained, thanks to the guys over at the PS Blog, we’ve got the low-down.

Check after the jump for all the juicy details.

Update 1.06 was all about the moderation. This much maligned area on contention seems to be finally put to bed with the latest enhancements found in the 1.06 patch. The rules haven’t changed but the way they are enforced have been improved and are now much more transparent.

  • Moderated levels will now receive more better information about the reason regarding this action having happened.
  • The notification message will remain in place on screen, removing the chance that affected users miss the message.
  • Any moderated level can now be accessed for editing by the creator, whether on or offline.
  • Additional information is now displayed on the Good Grief screen advising users on how the grief reporting functions, and warns against making spurious reports.

If that got you all excited, wait ’til you hear about 1.07 which qualifies as the veritable mother-load of updates in Planet Sack.

First up is the newfangled Search Modes. The “Most Hearted” search is now joined by “Highest Rated” along with the ability to find the “Busiest” levels on-line. We’re also told that newer search modes and updates are still on the cards so this is just the beginning.

LBP aficionados will probably be all too familiar with the dreaded “Wheel of Death” glitch with most people quoting this section of the game as the one reason why the LBP Platinum trophy has alluded them. Apart from being fiendishly difficult, there was also a bug involving “speeding motorbolts” and “flinging Sackboys” making the section nigh impossible. Well, MediaMolecule have listened to the gripes and this nasty bug has now been iradicated.

Want to deck your Sackboy up in some new threads straight from the Pod? This is now possible thanks to the in-game store update. You can now check out all LBP content including level packs, costumes, etc. in-game.

1.07 also saw some improved peripheral support including the USB keyboards and broader support for 3rd party controls.

The following are some other areas where 1.07 has intervened and made your life better:

  • Fixed stretchy Sackboy arms animation
  • Improved the corner editing tool
  • Tweaked some Sackboy animations
  • Adjusted Sackboy Slap sensitivities – so less accidental slaps
  • Fixed lights (object) to permanently remember color change
  • Improved online multiplayer level selection
  • Ability to save your level to a different slot on the moon while mid-edit
  • General server improvements
  • Misc visual fixes

How do you feel about the updates? Let us know in the comments.