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MLB 09: The Show Coming To A Spring Near You

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 December 2008One Comment

Yankees.jpgI am not a fan of baseball.  My last baseball gaming experience is easily described with a three-lettered console and a two-worded game:  NES and Bases Loaded.  So why am I actually (kind of) looking forward to MLB 09: The Show’s recently announced Spring 2009 release?  Is it just for the Trophies?  Did I lose a bet?  No really, it has to be the Trophies…right?

Like always, I’ll let you know the hard way.  Read on and find out.

Well of course it’s the Trophies, but since every 2009 game will have Trophies that is not the point anymore.  Some new features coming in this iteration of America’s favorite pastime have piqued my interest, namely the ‘My MLB Music’ and ‘be heard in the game’ .  You’ll see what I mean:

‘My MLB Music’
Edit your favorite song from your PS3 HDD and use it as customized walk up music among other things.  Neat, also finally.

Be heard in the game
Record your own chants and the game will process it to make it sound like the whole stadium is chanting.  Also record your yells (good or bad) and hear your voice coming from the stands when your favorite (or most hated) player takes the field.  Awesome.

Transitional lighting
Fancy pants lightning effects allow a game to seamlessly transition from late afternoon into night.

Increased stadium details
Each stadium will come to life with unique jumbotron animations, realistic fan reactions, and realistic wear and tear on the field.

New stadiums
For New Yorkers out there, MLB 09 has you covered.  The new Yankees and Mets stadiums will be in the game in full detailed glory.

“Road to the Show” mode improved
The exclusive Road to the Show mode has been expanded as well.  Featuring an all-new practice mode, an expanded Franchise mode that now includes up to 40 man rosters and a new online season league which allows you and your friends to get in a league together and pool MLB players for an in-game fantasy draft.

Now how is all this info making you feel towards MLB 09: The Show?  Will you try out a new baseball game for the first time in decades like me or are you still uninterested in the sport?  Are you already a fan and this just icing on your awesome cake?  Let us know while you enjoy the high-res pictures below.