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Yet more games get the trophy treatment – or do they?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 December 20087 Comments

In my blatant hunt for easy trophies this week, I came across 2 stories which filled me with glee. Two games are to be patched with trophies in the near future. In fact, they already were. Then one wasn’t. Then it never was in the first place.

Click through for some semblance of an explanation, from what I can gather.

See, Blast Factor was due to be patched with trophy support on Thursday 4th December (yay). 25 shiny new trophies were promised to be there to nab. Or at least ought to have been. I booted up the game and awaited the ‘Update Required’ screen with baited breath. No joy.

Further investigation has led me to discover that this patch has only been activated in the North American territory. Cue a torrent of language unsuitable for this article.

“But no fear,” I told myself, “Age of Booty has been patched with some astonishing new trophies”. Given that the list for this game contained no less than 13 trophies, I was delighted.

What’s that you say? ’13 trophies – no big deal’? Oh really? Well, it may be of interest to know that Age of Booty comes with no Bronze trophies. There are 2 Silver, 10 Gold and – whisper it – one Platinum trophy to be gleaned from this (ahem) “game”.

Whilst my recent experience with the game left me feeling more blue than Bluebeard, that kind of treasure may well have proved too good to miss. Except that the trophies were never sync’ed up with the Sony ‘trophy-monitoring-gubbins’ Machine, and were promptly removed from servers. So no dice there, either. Wha…?

Again, this was for NA only. It does strike me as a bit odd; what has happened to the trophies?

Should we expect to see trophies for these games coming to our shores? Is there going to be any explanation from Capcom/SCE regarding this bizarre danse macabre of trophy inclusion? And will Danny_D rush to the Store to buy Blast Factor on the promise of region-exclusive trophies he knows Kawaii can’t get at all in the hopes of extending his lead over the rest of the people here at PS3 Attitude Towers in his constant battle for Trophy Supremacy?

Stay tuned to find out more as we do…