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PS3 Attitude Awards; the winners

Submitted by on Monday, 15 December 200811 Comments

PS3 Attitude Awards 2008Today is the big day. It is time to reveal who you voted as the winners of our PS3 Attitude Awards for 2008.

Each category was littered with quality titles and companies that had a release on the PlayStation 3 between 1st December 2007 and 30th November 2008.

You’ll remember the nominees were decided on through an internal poll carried out by the PS3 Attitude team, which you then voted on every other day to decide who should take home the crown.

And you voted in your thousands in every category (thank you so much). Now that the results have been counted and verified, let’s get started with your winners…

PS3 Attitude Awards Best DeveloperBest Developer and Best Multiplayer Game

We’re starting our awards with a double announcement.

With over 43% of the vote, you decided to award this year’s Best Developer Award to the nice people at Insomniac.

Another strong year on the PS3, Insomniac released Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty on the PlayStation Network and Resistance 2. In addition, their ‘developer’s wiki’ – the Nocturnal project – is helping every PS3 developer understand the platform better and share best practises.

PS3 Attitude Awards Best Multiplayer GameIn the Best Multiplayer Game category, you continued your love for Insomniac by voting Resistance 2 as the top dog with over 46% of the vote. It is clear that the range of multiplayer options, and the 60-player support, really made for a great experience.

“On behalf of everyone at Insomniac, thanks so much for recognizing Resistance 2 and the work that goes into making our games in general. There are many great PS3 developers, so to be singled out as the best in your readers’ eyes is a special achievement.” – Ted Price, Founder/CEO at Insomniac Games

PS3 Attitude Awards Best New IPBest New IP

Now we move on to your choice for the best new intellectual property (IP), celebrating all the games that bring a new franchise into our lives.

Easily one of the biggest margins of victory across our entire awards, LittleBigPlanet walks away with the ‘golden Sackboy’ by taking over 64% of the vote. Of course, we don’t have any golden Sackboys to give away,  just our lovely award icons. Maybe next year…

LittleBigPlanet has clearly captured your imagination and the little guy stood head and shoulders above the competition in your vote.

PS3 Attitude Awards Best PS Store TitleBest PS Store Title

There were a wide range of different and unique titles nominated for the best PlayStation Store category, but there can be only one winner and you voted them in with over 45% of the final vote.

Yes, everyone’s favourite gravity-defying future-racing series took the checkered flag – Wipeout HD is your winner.

The glorious graphics, blistering pace and brilliant online racing clearly helped you make your mind up, and probably in record time too.

PS3 Attitude Awards Best DLCBest DLC

The next-gen gaming consoles brought one brilliant feature to the masses – games that can be embellished and upgraded via the Internet. Amongst all the developers that have supported their games post-launch through downloadable content (DLC), you made one of them king.

With over 52% of the vote we offer our congratulations to Criterion for their Burnout Paradise DLC. Truthfully, no other team has supported their title with as much imaginative and game-changing content as Criterion have, and it seems you have recognised that fact.

Great to hear we picked up the award. This was our first attempt to bring strong support to one of our games post-release, and it’s fantastic to hear people appreciated it. Receiving an award voted for by the fans is always the greatest honour! We’d like to thank everyone who joined us for a little Freeburn fun in Paradise City this year and say ‘Keep on playing – the best is yet to come!’ – Jeremy Chubb, Game Creator at Criterion.

PS3 Attitude Awards Best GraphicsBest Graphics and Best Music or Sound

Which game had the look that made you say ‘wow!’ the most? Which title had stand-out visuals that took your breath away? This category was one of the most hotly contested, drawing thousands upon thousands of readers to select just one winner.

And with over 67% of the vote it was clear that only one title was worthy of the accolade – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

PS3 Attitude Awards Best Music or SoundBut you didn’t stop there. MGS4 also walked away with the award for Best Music or Sound by receiving over 44% of the vote in that category too.

Not only does MGS4 include some of the best ambient sound effects we’ve heard this year, it would seem you really enjoyed the cinematic cut-scenes, voice acting and epic music score.

According to you, our dear readers, it appears that for sensory overload, you only need look at one game this year.

We have but two awards left to give out; Game of the Year and a special category not voted for by you – the PS3 Attitude Developer’s Choice Award. Decided by a panel of gaming luminaries this award is an indication of which game developers themselves would have love to have made.

So who are the winners of these two most prestigious awards? Why not hop over to the next installment and take a look…