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PS3 Games of 2009 – Part I

Submitted by on Wednesday, 31 December 20084 Comments

playstation-3-game-console22008 was undoubtedly a triumphant year for the PS3.

With the release of some of its long awaited AAA titles like Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet, the console made up a lot of ground on its rivals and converted a large amount of naysayers who had previously designated Sony’s powerhouse a glorified Blu-ray player.

The introduction of Trophies, the redesign of the PlayStation Store, victory in the HD format war – the list of successes is definitely impressive though it would be unfair to claim the year was unblemished and without hiccups. There is still the sticking point of price and the loss of some heavy hitting exclusive properties such as Final Fantasy XIII and Tekken 6 but, as a whole, 2008 will go down as a good year for Sony.

But what of 2009? Crystal balls across the gaming journalistic world have been aglow with speculation, rumour and, in the pro-PS3 circles, hope that the final corner can be turned by Sony and even more great titles will emerge over the next 12 months. And at this stage in the console’s life-cycle it is all about the games.

We’ve spent some time researching press releases, looking at lists (and checking them more than twice) and have formulated what we think is a fairly comprehensive catalogue of PS3 games scheduled for release in 2009.

With 123 (scratch that, it’s closer to 200 now) games researched, this piece will be presented over three separate articles with the obvious caveat: we’re sure we’ve missed some. There are still games currently in production that no one but the teams working on them are aware of. Some of these games will also invariably get cancelled or slip into 2010. Also, the gaming development world is a huge arena and undoubtedly we’ve missed something. If we have, feel free to let us know in the comments and we promise to add it to the (ever growing) list.

Check after the jump for Games A through E.

50_cent_blood_on_the_sand50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Swordfish Studios
Out: Feb 24th 2009

The start of 2009 sees the sequel to last-gen’s “50 Cent: Bulletproof” hitting like an A-bomb. Stop laughing. The first game was universally panned (but sold well) and its next-gen sequel will see more vehicular combat, a helicopter duel and even more 50 Cent exclusive tracks. Developer Swordfish Studios claim: “We are taking this sequel to the next level with exciting combat and gunplay, new original music, great graphics and a new story.” The game will feature multi-player drop-in/drop-out co-op, “interactive counter-kills, driving” and “aerial combat.” That would be the helicopter duel then.

230px-afrosamuraititleAfro Samurai

Publisher: Namco Bandai Surge
Developer: Namco Bandai
Out: Jan 27th 2009

The cult classic Samuel L. Jackson infused anime hit gets the videogame treatment with the titular weapons-master appearing on January 27th. Namco are handling its development and the game will be the first game published under Namco Bandai’s western label Surge. Expect cel-shading, cool quips and limb loosening. If you’ve not already checked out the anime then we heartily recommend you do so. Now.

aliens_cmAliens: Colonial Marines

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Gearbox Software
Out: Q1 2009

Having already delivered such big hitters as Halo (PC) and the Brothers in Arms series, Gearbox unleash yet another FPS on the masses, this time based on the popular Aliens franchise. SEGA’s press release states that “players are part of a United States Colonial Marine squad and must prepare to face an alien assault more intense and horrific than ever before.” With a story written be acclaimed authors Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, the experience will feature “claustrophobic environments” and a “brooding soundtrack”. Apart from the single player mode on offer there will also be a four player co-op multiplayer mode. No definitive date has yet been announced but we can expect contact in 2009. Game over man! Game over!

aliens-rpgAlien: RPG

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Out: 2009

Aliens are like buses. You wait for one all day and then … never mind. Details are scarce on the ground but SEGA (who feature heavily in the first of our Games of 2009 as you will see) announced on the 13th of December that Obsidian (more on these guys directly below) are working on an RPG set in the popular Alien universe. We don’t even know if this will make next year to be honest as the press release hints that “the first Alien-licensed game wouldn’t arrive before 2009.” But we’re dutifully intrigued.

alpha-protocolAlpha Protocol

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Out: Q1 2009

SEGA are not just throwing xenomorphs at us in 2009 – expect some covert action RPG goodness as well. Alpha Protocol is (once again) from Obsidian Entertainment, the luminaries that brought us Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Neverwinter Nights 2. You play Michael Thorton, a precocious young agent “cast out by his government” and possessing information that can divert an upcoming international catastrophe. “Every choice the player makes as Michael Thorton will carry consequences for his future and the fate of the world.” No precise release date as of yet but 2009 seems likely.


Publisher: Realtime Worlds
Developer: Realtime Worlds
Out: 2009

Realtime Worlds brings us All Points Bulletin (APB), a MMO along the lines of GTA and Crackdown. Originally planned to be released on PC, 360 and PS3 concurrently, only the PC version is now being quoted as making a 2009 release date but that’s not to say its PS3 cousin won’t appear along side it towards the end of the year. Let’s just say we won’t be surprised if this game makes our “Games of 2010 list” this time next year. Considering the “GTA MMO” is often quoted as Rockstar’s “Holy Grail”, might Realtime Worlds swoop in and create a contender to the crown? Only time (and city-wide mass mayhem) will tell.

arma2Armed Assault 2 (Arma2)

Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studios
Out: 2009

Bohemia Interactive Studio returns with Arma2, a military simulation game for multi-platforms and the latest addition in the popular Operation Flashpoint series. The game will introduce a “role-playing feel” and utilises the new “Real Virtuality” engine. If you’ve seen the trailers out there you know that this means the game will look gorgeous.

astroboy-poster1_smallAstro Boy – The Videogame

Publisher: TBC
Developer: TBC
Out: 2009

Astro Boy gets the big screen treatment next year and the obligatory game tie-in should see itself exploding on shelves around the same time. Little is known about the game other than it’s coming some time in Q4 2009.


Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft (we think)
Out: 2009

James Cameron stops messing about at the bottom of the ocean and crawls back into a director’s chair to give us Avatar next year. The premise is audacious with a heavy mix of typical Cameron traits: sci-fi, new film-making technology and an attention to detail that makes most actors cry. The game version of the film is being handled by Ubisoft and is, somewhat fittingly considering Cameron’s usual scope, an MMO. That’s all we know. Seriously, The King of the World is quite protective of his new toys.

batmanBatman: Arkham Asylum

Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Out: 2009

The recently released new images we reported on last week are tantalisingly good but the jury is still out on the Caped Crusader’s latest escapade through the halls of Arkham Asylum. Having Kevin Conroy and the brilliant Mark Hamill on board to handle the voice duties is a great bonus but will it be enough to elevate this game above the usual punch-and-search mechanics of previous Batman games? Only time will tell – in 2009 no doubt.

256px-battle_fantasiaBattle Fantasia

Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: 505 Games
Out: May 29th 2009

Previously released only in Japan, Battle Fantasia finally gets a European release nearly a full twelve months after it first appeared on the shelves of Akihabara. A NA PS3 release is still outstanding but, don’t forget, you can always import. Starting out as a two player arcade fighting game, Battle Fantasia very much borrows from the Guilty Gear series with battles played out in 2.5D. The game was greeted with favourable enough reviews (72%) so, if you’re looking for some smackdown before Tekken 6 hits, maybe this one is for you? Expect it on May 29th 2009.


Publisher: SEGA
Developer: PlatinumGames
Out: Q3 2009

Hideki Kamiya, esteemed creator of the Devil May Cry series, returns to the shooting genre with Bayonette, a stylised action romp with the eponymous witch sporting guns on both her feet and hands. Yeah, we can’t wait to see how this is going to work either. Bayonetta also uses her hair to “en-wrap” herself and perform some dazzling magical powers. Plot is thin on the ground but we do know that it is set in modern day and there are monsters masquerading as angels who are in need of some lead salads. Expect Bayonetta some time in Q3 2009.


Publisher: EA
Developer: Harmonix
Out: Q4 2009

Arguably the greatest (if not the most popular) band of all time gets the Rock Band treatment though, oddly, not the Rock Band moniker. A fully fledged game in its own right, expect to be rocking out on Rock Band peripherals to such classics as A Hard Days Night come Q4 2009.

bionic_commandoBionic Commando

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: GRIN
Out: Q1 2009

21 years after its original release on the NES, the re-imagining of Bionic Commando is released for the next-generation of swinging action junkies. You play Nathan Spencer (voiced by former lead singer of Faith No More, Mike Patton), a cybernetically enhanced ex-spook now scheduled to be executed for a crime you didn’t commit. On the day of reckoning, an experimental weapon is detonated wiping out Ascension City, and with terrorists moving in to take up vacuum, the government is left with little choice – the reactivation of the Bionic Commando. The game has an eclectic team of talent behind it from Swedish developer GRIN to a Japanese Creative Director.  We’re looking forward to see what they’ve come up with. Bionic Commando swings into action in Q1 2009.

bioshock2BioShock 2 : Sea of Dreams

Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: 2K Marin/Boston
Out: 2009

Ah, Rapture. How you enthral me. Big Daddys and Little Sisters return in the sequel to the BAFTA winning (and Spike TV’s) 2007 Game of the Year. Despite rumours of being a timed PS3 exclusive, we expect the next episode in the watery dystopia to take story telling and game immersion to a new level on all platforms around Q4 2009.

bombermanBomberman Ultra

Publisher: Hudson
Developer: HudsonSoft
Out: Q1 2009

We all know and love Bomberman. 2009 sees the blue bomber getting the ultra treatment so expect to see new online modes, character customisation and the full HD treatment.


Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Gearbox Software
Out: February 2009

A sci-fi FPS with a twist, Borderlands replays the Gold Rush era on a galactic playing field. Seeking out the far flung planet Pandora, prospectors quickly realise their new home is devoid of the resources they were promised and all they’ve got for their troubles is anarchy and alien ruins. Hi-jinks ensure. Borderlands’ shtick comes from the ability to merge almost anything with anything else and form a weapon. With claims of 100,000s of weapons to be made (especially when you throw in that alien technology) this could be very interesting indeed. Borderlands will be with us in February 2009.

brutal3Brütal Legend

Publisher: EA (we hope)
Developer: Double Fine Studios
Out: Q3 2009

We love Double Fine Studios for Psychonauts and now they return with the bizarrely themed “Brütal Legend”. You play Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black, who else?), a heavy-metal roadie who gets into a series of adventures after his belt buckle, splashed with some of Eddie’s blood after a freak guitar tuning accident (happens to me all the time), shows itself to be a cursed talisman and transforms Eddie into a Heavy Metal inspired fantasy alternate reality. We could not make this stuff up. Brütal Legend was in the news recently after being categorically snubbed during the Activision/Blizzard merger. Luckily, EA swooped in and picked up the musically enriched tongue-in-cheek wail-a-thon. Brütal Legend will be released in the Fall of 2009.

burnoutBurnout: The Ultimate Box

Publisher: EA
Developer: Criterion Games
Out: February 2009

For the six or seven of you out there that don’t already own Burnout: Paradise, wait ’til you see what’s coming your way this February. You get the full game, the Cagney update, bikes and the recently announced Party Pack. That’s some good Burnout goodness right there. Get it.

burnzombieBurn Zombie Burn

Publisher: Pinnacle Software
Developer: Double Six
Out: Q1 2009

DoubleSix unearths the undead for this isometric top-down frag-fest planned for download on the PSN. Play as Bruce and stomp some zombies this March, 2009.

cod4Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Infinity Ward
Out: Q4 2009

Confirmed and denied in the space of one crazy and hectic week, the existence of this game is a hot topic. We think it’s real and, irrespective of the setting or the developer, we expect to see a new COD experience hitting our shelves this time next year. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without some new COD now, would it?

dirt2Colin McRae: Dirt 2

Publisher: CodeMasters
Developer: CodeMasters
Out: 2009

Little is known about the sequel to the popular Colin McRae Dirt game apart from the fact that there will be new multiplayer modes. With McRae’s untimely and tragic passing there were some questions asked in the gaming world regarding how the series would progress. It’s good to see that the great man’s memory will be honoured with yet another fast paced rally offering.


Publisher: CodeMasters
Developer: Blue Omega
Out: Feb 24th 2009

What do you do when you realise your game doesn’t fit into any of the traditional gaming genres? Why, create one of your own of course: the vertical shooter. There’s not much else to say about Damnation other than we’re looking forward to the dusky slice of Americana and “high octane vehicular acrobatics” promised in the press release.

darkvoidDark Void

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Airtight Games
Out: 2009

Capcom and Airtight Games proffer us a heady dish of “fast-paced vertical combat” (there it is again!) mixed with “mid-air and on-foot action”. Mankind has already vanquished “The Watchers” once from earth and into a parallel universe but now they’re back for seconds. Sounds ominous. No concrete release date as of yet but expect Dark Void to surface in 2009.

darksiders-_wrath_of_warDarksiders: Wrath of War

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Vigil Studios
Out: Q2 2009

In Q2 of 2009 Vigil Games brings us Darksiders: Wrath of War. The age old good versus evil, angel versus demon conflict is played out once again against the backdrop of the apocalypse. Taking on the duties of one of the Four Horsemen (War), the player will find the sword and guns combination similar to such games as Devil May Cry and God of War. Whether or not Darksiders matches up in the quality department to the aforementioned games is yet to be seen.

dcuoDC Universe Online

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Sony Online Austin
Out: 2009

The PS3 goes all comic-book MMO next year with DC Universe Online. Fight along side the likes of the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman while rubbing shoulders with such arch-villain greats as Luthor, The Joker and others. We’ve been skeptical here at PS3 Attitude about how this is all going to play out. The E3 footage was uninspiring to say the least but with comic book legend Jim Lee at the helm surely this can’t go wrong. Can it? DC:UO has yet to receive an official release date other than “next year”.

disgaea_3-_absence_of_justiceDisgaea 3 Absence of Justice

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Nippon Ichi
Out: Q1 2009

Everyone else but the oft spurned Europeans have already got their hands on the game but next year finally sees the overlooking of the Old World rectified with Disgaea 3’s EU release. Favourably received by many (81%), we’re looking forward to finally take Nippon Ichi’s Tactical RPG for a spin.

gundam21Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

Publisher: Koei
Developer: Koei, Omega Force
Out: March 24th 2009

Out for just two weeks in Japan (and getting good reviews, Famitsu gave it 33/40 – but we all know how much they love their robots) we’ll be able to get our giant sized Western hands on the Gundam game in March 2009. Unfortunately we won’t be getting access to the DLC that will remain exclusive to the JP region but we will be compensated with new enhancements to the Versus mode.

fightnight4EA Sports Fight Night Round 4

Publisher: EA
Developer: EA Vancouver
Out: July 2009

Ding ding! Round 4. Hitting hard next July is an update to the popular boxing franchise, Fight Night. Round 3 was equally lauded for its realism and derided for the insane levels of product placement. Whether or not The Burger King (we’re not making this up) will return for the fourth round is yet to be seen but we have high hopes of being able to actually punch some Whoppers out of him this time. SpikeTV viewers had the opportunity to vote for who will adorn the box art this time around. Ali or Tyson. Or both! (Our money is on Ali)

tennisEA Sports Tennis (Working title)

Publisher: EA
Developer: EA
TBC: Q4 2009

Peter Moore has already spoke out about how EA Sports has its work made out for it if it’s to counter the allure of the Wii and its bundled Wii Sports product. Even though each game is a considerably different take on a similar genre, it’s no secret that the waggle induced sports titles have stolen a lot of thunder from EA’s sporting wing. With the tennis aspect arguably the most popular of the Wii Sports mini-games, it will be interesting to see how EA responds with their own take on the serve and volley game.

eat_leadEat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

Publisher: D3
Developer: Vicious Cycle Software
Out: Q1 2009

Breaking the fourth wall is Vicious Cycle Software’s Matt Hazard game. What’s interesting to note is that Hazard is a videogame hero and attempting a comeback – in a videogame. Expect lots of in-jokes and camera winking as this game parody takes the concept of spoofing to new level. For example, the arch-villain of the piece is the actual CEO of the company making the game. Finally, if they don’t take the piss out of Duke Nukem then something is seriously wrong in the land of game comedy.

edgeoftwilightEdge of Twilight

Publisher: SouthPeak
Developer: FuzzyEyes Studios
Out: Q2 2009

We’re reluctant to give away too much about FuzzyEye’s Edge of Twilight as we have an exclusive interview with the guys from Brisbane that should be hitting very early in 2009. We will say this: the game was demoed at TGS to much aplomb and the dynamic of night and day changing the gaming environment, though not unique, is utilised wonderfully in this intricate steampunk fantasy. You play Lex, a bounty hunter, and apparently the only half-breed left who can travel between both worlds. Expect more next month in the aforementioned interview.


Publisher: SCEE
Developer: SCEE
Out: February 2009 (if it still exists)

Eyedentify was announced way back at E3 in 2005 and then scurried off into the land of obscurity. Apparently it will see a release next year and find players controlling a team of characters using the PSEye. That’s about all we know at this stage.


Publisher: SCEE
Developer: SCEE

EyePet was revealed at this year’s GDC in Leipzig to much praise. Utilising the latest gaming buzz of “augmented reality”, the game is seen as Sony’s secret weapon of breaking into the lucrative “family demographic”. Through the use of the PlayStation Eye, players are able to interact with their own cuddly creature on a table top or, well, wherever. Of course, for the rest of us, we equate EyePet as the reason why promising games such as Getaway 2 and Eight Days got cancelled but we’ll give it a break – it is undeniably cute.

Check back later for F through to O. This set of letters can only mean the arrival of big hitters such as Final Fantasy XIII (plus Versus), God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, inFamous, Killzone 2, L.A. Noire and M.A.G. That list alone means 2009 is looking increasingly awesome.

[UPDATE] Thanks to some mails it looks like we’ve missed a bunch of games. And not just the more obscure ones. As we prepare the whips and administer punishment for completely missing such games as Demon’s Souls please find below a list of other releases in the A to E category that should also feature in 2009

  • 100 Bullets
  • Active Dogs
  • Africa
  • Amphibian Man
  • Gothic 4: Arcania
  • Avalon
  • Backbreaker
  • Beyond Good and Evil 2
  • Bumpy Trot 2
  • C&C Red Alert 3
  • Cipher Complex
  • Data-Fly
  • Demon Soul’s
  • Deus Ex 3
  • Doom 4
  • Driver
  • Earth No More
  • Elveon

We’ll retrofit the above article with these 18 titles. The good news is that we’ve also found another source of game titles projected for 2009 and hence the upcoming Part II of this series shouldn’t contain such egregious oversights. Thanks again to those who mailed in with such things as “Where the hell is Demon’s Souls!?” Where the hell indeed.

We’re seriously thinking of expanding this into a fourth part series now. If we don’t it will be February by the time we get the other articles finished.