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PS3 Games Of 2009 - Part II

Submitted by Brodiesan on Wednesday, 31 December 2008One Comment

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sony playstation 311 300x206 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIWe’re back with the second of our four articles where we attempt (and no doubt fail) to catalogue all of the PS3 releases for 2009.

As we’re going alphabetically, yesterday’s list saw the inclusion of such games as APB, Bionic Commando, BioShock 2 and EyePet.

However, if you were to pick a series of games based on where they might sit in your perfectly sorted games collection, it would be the new releases featuring in the middle of that virtual library that we predict will be receiving most of your gaming attention/money.

This is the big one folks.

Check after the jump for what can only be classified as the mother-load of PS3 big hitters next year.

[Note: All quotes below are taken from respective press releases regarding the game in question]

thumb fear2 150x150 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIF.E.A.R 2: Project Origin

Publisher: Warner Bros.
Developer: Monolith Productions
Out: February 10th,  2009

Alma is back and she’s as pissed as ever. Not as pissed as the people who voted for the game’s name to be Project Origin back when publishing woes meant the “F.E.A.R.” moniker couldn’t be used. That’s all ancient history at this stage however and at least they kept the fans’ naming suggestions in the final product title. The sequel promises “strategic environmental combat opportunities available to both you and your enemies” along with a more open environment. A destroyed (open) city, the result of a powerful teen gone awry? Sounds like Fallout 3 meets Akira to us. Oh, and for the fans of the “series”, Monolith will only be recognising the first game as official canon as the sequel’s story takes place immediately after the end of the first game.

thumb fairy 150x136 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFairytale Fights

Publisher: Playlogic International
Developer: Playlogic Game Factory
Out: Q3 2009

Billed as “the most violent children’s story ever told”, Fairytale Fights will be with us towards the latter half of 2009. Powered by the Unreal 3 engine but with a graphical style more akin to cartoon kitsch, “players choose one favorite fairytale character with whom they will try and save a fantasy world from certain doom. Cute fairytale characters will fight each other until nothing else remains than a big puddle of blood!” Walt Disney would not approve.

thumb faith 150x150 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFaith and a .45

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Deadline Games
Out: 2009 (maybe)

Advance warning: this game has “cancelled” written all over it. We don’t know much about Faith and a .45 other than the fact that Danish developer Deadline Games are working on it. The press release from nearly a year ago states that the game will be “an intense and atmospheric shooter, [with] a heavy focus on characters, co-operative gameplay, road movie storytelling, and cinematic aesthetics.” It’s definitely a little quirky. Set in the Depression with a distinctive Bonnie and Clyde outlaw feel, th”e bandit lovers (Luke and Ruby - that’s her above) road trip gone bad” is an area not visited much (at all?) in gaming. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. If anything because we have a thing for red-heads.

thumb fat PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFat Princess

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Titan
Out: 2009

We love controversy as much as the next site so it was with a gleeful giddiness that we sat back and watched the furore about the upcoming 2009 PSN title Fat Princess unfold. Shakesville’s Melissa McEwan wrote “Congrats on your awesome new game, Sony. I’m positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes.” Apart from the ability to use long words no one really knows, Melissa was offended by the gameplay mechanic of stuffing the eponymous Princess with cake so as to make it more difficult for the player’s opponents to carry her off. Why not coins? she asked. Come on woman. Have you ever tried to cart coins anywhere over any great distance? Have you not played Mario?

thumb fifth 150x150 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFifth Phantom Saga

Publisher: SEGA
Developer:  Sonic Team
Out: 2009 (or 2010 - or never)

Mark this one down as “lost to the annals of time”. Ironically revealed back at E3 (in 2005!) this was one of the first ever PS3 games shown to the public. Then it disappeared. Are Sonic Team still working on it? Does the fact that the homepage has been taken down bode well for the possibility of this game ever seeing the light of day? We don’t think so but it makes the list as part of our “You Just Never Know” category.

thumb ffxiii2 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFinal Fantasy XIII

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Out: 2009 (in Japan anyway)

OK, let’s just get the whole “it’s not an exclusive” out of the way. We know. We were bummed too but we’ve learned to live with it. SE’s next chapter in the immortal Final Fantasy series hits in 2009 - at least for our Japanese brethren. With the 360 version now on the cards it appears that that version will require completion before the localisation of the PS3 edition is even begun so don’t be surprised if the NA and EU release spills into 2010. Blame Bill Gates (we’re kidding). FFXIII is directed by Final Fantasy stalwart Motomu Toriyama and sees a futuristic world inhabited by a race “beyond humanity”. Expect crystals, summons, gorgeous cut scenes and a host of other FF recurring themes like loss, nature and spiky hair to feature.

thumb ffxiii versus PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFinal Fantasy Versus XIII

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Out: 2009

One year, two FF games. Square Enix is really spoiling us. We know surprisingly very little about the Versus flavour of the next Final Fantasy games other than the fact that it’s “dark”, the protagonists are called Noctis Lucis Caelum (Nokutisu Rushisu Cheramu) and Stella Nox Fleuret (Sutera Nokkusu Furūre) and the plot’s themes are isolation, war and yes, you guessed it, fantastic hairstyles. Developed using the same Crystal Tools Engine (a.k.a. The White Engine) as utilised by Final Fantasy XIII, the only other thing we know about FFVXII is that it should hit (at least in Japan) in 2009.

thumb flock1 150x150 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFlock!

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Proper Games
Out: 2009

Puzzle games plus comedy equals “sign us up” in our books. Elements of PixelJunk Monsters and Destroy All Humans appear to feature in Capcom’s upcoming Flock! Playing as a UFO, the main objective of the game is to coax sheep back to the mother-ship (”The Mother Flocker”. Genius!) over challenging terrains without losing any of the herd. So, a little like Lemmings too then.

thumb flower PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFlower

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Thatgamecompany
Out: 2009

The makers of flOw return to the garden with the upcoming Flower.  From the press release: “Playing as the wind, the player guides and grows a swarm of pedals by interacting with other flowers and the surrounding environment. The goals and journey in each level vary, but all involve flight, exploration and interaction with the level. Using simple SIXAXIS wireless controls, the player guides the lead petal and accumulates a swarm of flower petals as he moves at his own pace within the environment, causing the on-screen world to change.” We couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves. Expect the hippy inspired zen experience to hit some time early in 2009.

thumb f1 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFormula 1 2009

Publisher: CodeMasters
Developer: CodeMasters
Out: March 23rd 2009

The fifteenth edition in the popular racing series  and follow up to last year’s F1 Championship Edition, CodeMasters utilises their Ego engine (previously powering the likes of Dirt and GRID) for the 60th season of the popular motor sport. Based on the upcoming 2009 season (no Honda then) the game apparently has 350 people working on it.

thumb free PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFree Realms

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Out: 2009

Targeting the younger crowd, Sony’s free MMO for both the PC and PS3 will open its doors to the public in 2009. The online title is very much all mini-games with an educational slant. Will us older and more cynical gamers get any use out of it? Maybe if we have kids and are looking for a safe way to introduce the wonders of gaming to them. For the rest of us we’ll probably be shooting spies in The Agency but Free Realms receives its due kudos here at PS3 Attitude for what Sony are trying to accomplish.

thumb fuel PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIFUEL

Publisher: CodeMasters
Developer: Asobo Studio
Out: 2009

The makers of Dirt keep on racing with FUEL, scheduled to hit some time next year. French developer Asobo are at the helm and promise to “revolutionise multi-terrain racing with the largest environment ever created in race gaming.”  This would be the 14,000+ km² open environment then. Will FUEL take MotorStorm’s crown of top PS3 off-roader? We’ll find out next year.

thumb ghost 150x150 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIGhostbusters: The Videogame

Publisher: Atari
Developer: Terminal Reality
Out: 2009

There was a time there when we truly didn’t know who to call. Now that Atari have answered the ectoplasmic phone we can expect to finally see Ghostbusters proton packing their way into 2009. Interestingly, the game is written by Dan Ackroyd and is set just two years after the events of the second hit film. With all of the voice actors returning to reprise their roles, it’s safe to say that this is the closest we’ll ever get to a third Ghostbusters adventure. At least with the original cast. No firm release date at the moment but expect to cross streams in June of next year.

thumb gow PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIGod of War III

Publisher: SCE
Developer: SCE Santa Monica
Out: October 2009

If the recent SpikeTV footage didn’t get your heart racing then you are officially dead my friend. The portents are all there to suggest that the latest (and final?) edition in the God of War series is squaring up to be an absolute juggernaut of a game.  Original creator David Jaffe has been quoted that the recent secret footage he saw over in Santa Monica was “the best thing he had ever seen graphically” and we know Kratos won’t go off without a stellar display of God-slaying and ultra-violence. Definitely one of the big hitters in 2009 for the PS3 - we officially can’t wait.

thumb gothic PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIGothic 4: Arcana

Publisher: JoWood
Developer: Spellbound Entertainment
Out: Q4 2009

Taking over from Piranha Bytes, Spellbound take a stab at the next instalment of the Gothic series. The game was announced over a year ago and then everything went silent. Is it still in development? Probably. Will it make the 2009 release window? Maybe. Note: The PS3 version has been hinted at but, as of this time, the game is not officially bound for the PS3. Don’t be surprised if this one doesn’t make the cut for next year.

thumb gt PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIGran Turismo 5

Publisher:  SCE
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Out: Q4 2009

With the popular prologue still selling well it’s no surprise to hear that the full version of the GT5 experience will be coming our way next year. We’ve heard rumour of multiple release dates but considering the guys over at Polyphony Digital have been under the hood of this game now for nigh on four years, we think it’s safe to assume that the game will hit our (or at least Japanese) shelves just in time for the holiday season next year.

thumb sundown1 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIGuillermo del Toro’s Sundown

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Terminal Reality
Out: Q4 2009

The director of HellBoy and the upcoming Hobbit movie moves into the videogame genre with the zombie apocalypse themed Sundown.  You now know as much as we do.

thumb metal PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIGuitar Hero: Metallica

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Neversoft
Out: Q1 2009

When certain Metallica tracks didn’t re-appear on the Rock Band rosta it was almost sure-fire confirmation that a Guitar Hero Metallica game was in the works. The game will feature 48 tracks but don’t fret if you think that much metal could overpower your mind. 17 of the 48 songs will be by other bands that are “personal favourites” and who have “influenced the band” over the years.

thumb halflife2 150x150 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHalf-Life: Episode 3

Publisher: Valve Corporation
Developer: Valve Corporation
Out: Q4 2009

With the hullabaloo regarding The Orange Box out of the way expect to see the next Gordon Freeman episode towards the end of next year. Whether or not Valve will handle the PS3 development duties is currently unknown but we wouldn’t be surprised if they ferry it out to EA again. Not that we’d complain; we didn’t have any issues with their previous attempt in the popular franchise.

thumb potter PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Publisher: EA
Developer: EA Bright Light Studio
Out: Q2 2009

Another Potter movie, another Potter game. According to sources the game will “include multiplayer games, online play, classes, different times of day, Quidditch, Wizard Duels and Potion making.” Sounds cool.

thumb heat PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHeat

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Gearbox
Out: When Hell Freezes Over (Maybe 2009)

It’s been nearly fifteen years since deNiro and Pacino tore up the streets of downtown L.A. with pony-tail sporting Kilmer in cahoots. Gearbox, who’ve already featured on our 2009 list with such games as Aliens: Colonial Marines, are working on game version based around the Heat universe but little has been firm since its announcement over six months ago. Could the game still happen and surface in 2009? Ho-Ha! What have you got! ? ! Pacino impressions aside we will have to wait to see.

thumb heavyrain PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHeavy Rain

Publisher: SCEE
Developer: Quantic Dream
Out: 2009

Heavy Rain is going to completely polarise the gaming community. There will be those that will get its beautiful presentation, the abstract story-telling techniques and the adult themes seen in the footage already shown. Then there are those that will deride the dependence on QTEs and the fact that the focus is not on gameplay but story immersion. PS3 Attitude is all for new ideas and breaking boundaries so we’re looking forward to Heavy Rain and seeing if the guys at Quantic Dream can pull off something truly wonderful.

thumb heist PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHEI$T

Publisher: CodeMasters
Developer: inXile Entertainment
Out: January 1st 2009

Hei$t has the accolade of being the first game of 2009 with an official release date in NA of Janaury 1st - which is tomorrow. It’s literally has just hit the shelves here in Europe. The premise is something familiar (rob banks, blow things up) with the added flavour of 1969 San Fran. The ultimate goal is to pull off the super-heist: the San Francisco Mint. Groovy.

thumb heroes PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHeroes Over Europe

Publisher: Atari
Developer: Transmission Games
Out: 2009

Those plucky heroes who featured “Over the Pacific” return in the sequel to dare and die in the skies over Europe. Tactical flight combat games are either your bag or they’re not but, either way, we like the footage shown so far. Interested in WWII aerial combat? This game is a must.

thumb highlander PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHighlander

Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Widescreen Games
Out: March 31 2009 (if it even exists)

We’re torn over the new Highlander game. We’re big fans of the films (ok, the second one not so much but at least the director’s cut cleared up all that alien nonsense) but we’ve seen next to nothing on the new game or anything else to suggest it will be anything spectacular. There can be only one. But is this it? It’s been a long time since we’ve received any word about Highlander. Don’t be surprised if it stays that way.

thumb civil PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHistory Channel’s: Civil War - Secret Missions

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Out: 2009

The press release says it all: “The action in HISTORY Civil War: Secret Mission accurately reflects the guerrilla tactics of the time period. Weapons include the shotgun, the pepperbox revolver and the coffee mill gun, and there is heavy reliance on scouts and naval warfare.”

thumb hospital hustle1 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHospital Hustle

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Big Fish Games
Out: 2009

Hospital Hustle is already out on the PC and it appears it will be making an appearance on the PS3 next year through the PSN. The site describes the game as the following: “Get in on the hospital hijinks, diagnosing and treating outlandish outpatients in this energetic Time Management game! Help Nurse Sarah save lives in increasingly hectic hospitals with an assortment of wacky treatment stations and patient-pleasing power-ups! Leave your mark on the field of medicine in Story mode or push your skills to their limits with Endless play! Scrub up and get into the first-aid frenzy of Hospital Hustle today!”  We never knew being in hospital could be so chirpy.

thumb hydro PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIHydrophobia

Publisher: Blade Interactive
Developer: Blade Interactive
Out: Q2 2009

Ever since we ran our exclusive interview with the guys from Blade Interactive back in October we’ve been keeping a keen eye on Hydrophobia. With state of the art fluid dynamics and an intriguing futuristic story focusing on Malthaus theory and the last remnants of mankind floating around on a super-ship, consider our interest officially piqued.

thumb alive PS3 Games Of 2009 Part III Am Alive

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Darkworks
Out: Q2 2009

How do you follow up a super success like Assassin’s Creed? Well, for Jade Raymond it’s “I Am Alive”, a survival thriller with elements of I Am Legend and various other apocalyptic scenarios depicting the world going to hell. The recent trailer shows Chicago ravaged by earthquakes and the social system breaking down as survivors resort to marauding and tribal attitudes. You play Adam, a fellow survivor with Ubisoft promising a “rich palette of emotions while challenging players to make life-changing decisions.”

thumb il2 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIIL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Out: 2009

Similar to Heroes Over Europe we get another war time aerial sim in the form of “Worst Named Game of 2009″ contender: IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. The press release reveals: “28 different aircraft are available as they fly through some of history’s most famous aerial battlefields: The Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Berlin, Sicily and Korsun. Each aircraft has been painstakingly researched by the dedicated team at Gaijin Entertainment, to make sure they are recreated with fantastic levels of detail and precision, ensuring a rich level of realism.”

thumb indy PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIIndiana Jones

Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Out: 2009 (maybe)

The game has been in development before Harrison Ford went grey so it’s safe to assume that, eventually, it will see the light of day. Plot details are light on the ground with suggestions that old baddie Lao Che is the main villain. The tech behind the game includes Euphoria and DMS, both engines that featured heavily in The Force Unleashed, so we have high hopes that environment interaction (read: slapping things with a whip) will be both exciting and realistic.

thumb infamous PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIinFamous

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Sucker Punch
Out: Q2 2009

Anti-hero morality tale, inFamous has been gaining some momentum of late with new footage depicting sub-plots and new powers. Players control “Cole”, the electricity wielding protagonist who is the sole survivor of an explosion that rips apart Empirical City. Similar in scope and style to Prototype, the sandbox game has a lot to live up to but if anyone can pull off superior gameplay it’s the guys who gave us Sly Cooper.

thumb wak PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIIslands of Wakfu

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Ankama Games
Out: 2009

Coming to the PSN is Ankama’s adventure beat’em up Islands of Wakfu. Little is known at the moment but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more information and keep you informed as it emerges.

thumb james PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIJames Bond Driving Project (Untitled)

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Out: Q4 2009

When Quantum of Solace shunned the inclusion of any driving missions we knew it was only a matter of time for someone to fill the void. Enter Bizarre Creations. It’s still eons away at this point but at least we know it exists. Expect to see multiple cars from Aston Martins to Jags and Bond dutifully smashing each and every one of them to pieces. Nice job - if you can get it.

thumb sundown1 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIJohn Carpenter’s Psychopath

Publisher: TBC
Developer:  TBC
Out: 2009? (what the heck - TBC)

The master of suspense returns with a new movie and apparently there will be a complimentary game tie-in. That’s it. Nothing to see here.

thumb just PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIJust Cause 2

Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Avalanche Studios
Out: Q1 2009

Swedish outfit Avalanche Studios unleash their proprietary Avalanche Software (nice name) once again in the the sequel to 2006’s Just Cause. Rico is back, and so are some smarter enemies. Expect more insane stunts, action and “an incredibly detailed and vast 1000 sq km game world of different climates and ultra-realistic weather effects.” The press release continues with such hyperbole like: “Leap from your plane and skydive from 10,000 feet down into a tropical jungle, tear across an arid desert in a dune buggy or climb your way up a snowy mountain in a 4×4!” That actually sounds like fun.

thumb kart PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIKart Attack

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Blimey! Games
Out: 2009

PSN game. Karts. Attacking. That’s all we know. Other than the fact that Blimey! Games signed a deal with Ferrari to make games based on the popular auto franchise. Ferrari Kart anyone?

thumb kz2 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIKillzone 2

Publisher: SCEE
Developer: Guerrilla Games
Out: February 2009

Ever since its infamous showing at E3 all those moons ago the gaming community has been abuzz about Killzone 2. Sure, it appears that Guerrilla were not able to reach the heady heights of the graphical fidelity presented in the E3 pre-render but, by God, they’ve come very close. Killzone was heralded as the PS2’s much needed Halo killer (which, technically, was a long shot considering the advances the Xbox had over the PS3’s predecessor) but it’s its sequel that people have started to truly believe will re-write the rules of the popular FPS franchise. Don’t believe us? Even staunch anti-Sony people who have played the game have all pretty much unanimously lauded its virtues. February is the month of love. Prepare to be intoxicated by Killzone 2.

thumb la 150x150 PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IIL.A. Noire

Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Team Bondi
Out: Q4 2009

Boasting a “perfectly recreated Los Angeles of the late 1940’s” players enter the murky environs of post-WWII era L.A. Heavily influenced by James Elroy’s L.A. Quartet (The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, White Jazz and (the one you’ve probably heard of) L.A. Confidential), the game features a heavy dose of open ended exploration and noire tinted murder solving. This and Heavy Rain are why we believe the gaming genre has finally grown up and should be taken seriously as a medium for narrative based story telling.

thumb lordconquest PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IILord of the Rings: Conquest

Publisher: EA
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Out: January 2009

By now we hope you’ve already enjoyed the demo on the PSN so this should be old news. Considering Pandemic’s forte with such battlefield games like Star Wars: Battlefront there should be no real surprises about what type of game we’re getting here. With help from Weta Studios in terms of digital models etc. we can at least be assured that the game will look fairly close to the popular movies. The full game is out in a matter of weeks.

thumb larry PS3 Games Of 2009 Part IILeisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Developer: Team 17
Out: Q1 2009

There’s a new Leisure Suit Larry Game. Apparently it’s coming to the next-next-gen of consoles. There’s a plot but it’s too painful to write. Let’s just say that it will be out in 2009 and we’ll leave it at that.

Check back in over the next few days for the concluding parts to our round up of PS3 games. The list is now at 176. Wow.

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