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PS3 MMOs – Do You Care?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 December 20083 Comments

With the recent news that upcoming PS3 bound MMO “The Agency” is likely to shun the tried and trusted subscription model in favour of micro-transactions/in-game advertising, it got the collective PS3 Attitude hive mind working overtime.

If 2008 was the year of the PS3 (and good luck debating that particular nugget in various gaming circles) then 2009 is most definitely the Year of the PS3 MMO.

We’ve reported in the past about numerous comments emerging from Sony HQ that hint at the company’s amorous intentions towards the MMO genre. These soundings leave little doubt that, next year, the MMO playing field is going to look significantly different when the PS3 (and likely the other consoles) enter the market with intent. But do you agree? PS3 Attitude asks a series of important questions in order to gauge the vox populi.

The main question is of course: does anyone with a PS3 really care about MMOs? If you’re reading this there is a good chance you are doing so on a PC/Mac. Serious gamers, the ones that sink time and coin into existing MMOs at least, already have the necessary tools to jump into the likes of Azeroth or Aquilonia as they so desire. Is it a gigantic misstep by Sony to think that they can branch into a successful genre where, apart from the rare aberration such as Phantasy Star Online and FFXI, consoles have feared to tread before?

We think it’s a bold move and, while unlikely to set the online world alight at the offset, we predict that MMOs will, eventually, become a staple of the PS3 gamer diet.

But what do we know? It’s the consensus’ voice that matters so, take the survey below and get your opinion heard.  We’ll post the results next week and maybe even let Sony know what you think.