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Submitted by on Thursday, 11 December 20087 Comments

So you may recall that a few months back I wrote about my experiences with PlayTV and gave it fair amounts of praise. In this short catch-up, I wanted to let everyone know how PlayTV handled in the long-run.

With promises of TV that I could pause, fast-forward and rewind, as well as record on a whim, I plunged in and bought the diminutive gadgety add-on.

But how has it fared over the past few months? Has it become a dust-gathering black box confined to the corner? Or has this teeny little box of tricks stayed the course? Hit the jump to find out..

(I promise I’ll stop over-hyphenating things… DAMMIT!)

It was with some amounts of trepidation from my better half that I bought my latest gizmo. All too well do they know my weakness for shiny packaging and bright colours. Moreover, it was successfully predicted that I would have it open by the time we got from the store back to the car.

It was rigged up quickly and very easy to use. But we already know this. What did surprise me was how well it integrated itself into the whole TV setup. As you can see, it isn’t even visible on my TV unit.

The biggest impact of the device is on my wallet. And not in a negative way, either.

See, previously I was with a major cable company. Not naming names, but they are the biggest in the UK. My monthly bills were substantial due to my phone and net being with the same company. After a teething period of getting used to the quirks of the setup, such as the delay between clicking the icon and getting to the actual TV stream, I stopped using the (fugly) silver box I had been given by said cable company.

Now, after some consideration, I am planning to get rid of TV from my subscription bundle. In a few short months my frivolous purchase will in fact pay for itself. Over the next year – assuming it doesn’t break – it will save me well over £100.

I know this isn’t exactly going to be the difference between eating or not but, in these credit crunch times, it will make things just that little bit easier.

Sure, I miss a few channels here and there, but let’s face it – most of what is available on the top packages is guff. The freeview channels are just fine for my needs, whilst the recording function is quite simply genius. We’ve all seen the advert for the big satellite company where stars yap about how they never coped before, right?

Well this is one non-celebrity who certainly agrees with the concept, if not the massive price tag said satellite company charges.

In summary (or wintry, springy and fally), PlayTV is the best purchase I have made all year. Bar none. I use PlayTV every day for at least a few hours – just ask Brodiesan.

How many games do you get that kind of usage out of? Exactly.