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Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition Comparison: NA vs. EU

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 December 20084 Comments

Details emerged about North America’s Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition.  The European Collector’s Edition details have been widely know for some time now.  There are some differences between the two and since we cater to both sides of the pond we have decided to pit both Collector’s Editions in (Mortal Kombat?) a Street Fight to find out which one comes out on top.

Round 1. FIGHT!


The European Collector’s Edition costs £69.99/€97.99 or about $103/$126 depending on the European region you’re buying it from.   The North American Collector’s Edition costs $79.99 or about £54/€62.  Dammit Jim I’m a fighter not a mathematician.

Round 1: Draw (unless you’re paying in Euro and the NA edition wins on the price front)

Bonus Discs

Both Editions come with a bonus Blu-ray disc containing a feature length HD anime movie, created specially for the launch of Street Fighter IV and a selection of the best game trailers to date.  But only the North American Edition comes with a bonus CD Soundtrack.

Round 2: North America

Bonus Books

The European Collector’s Edition comes with a mini strategy guide (cleverly disguised as a comic book) detailing the moves and bios of four of the new characters: Viper, Abel, El Fuerte and Rufus.  The North American Collector’s Edition comes with a Udon/Prima Hint book.  Strategy guides/hint books are generally useless.

Round 3: Draw

Limited Edition Figurine

This one is a no brainer.  North Americans get one, Ryu.  Europeans get two, Ryu and C. Viper.  Don’t say that the yanks get the better end of the deal all the time dear brits, we actually got boned big time on this one.  Our Ryu will be lonely, oh so lonely…

Round 4: Europe

Pre-Order Bonuses

I could not find any European game retailer ( UK,, that offers any kind of pre-order bonus.  North American game retailer GameStop offers ‘an exclusive headband like the one worn by martial arts master Ryu’ with every online or in-store pre-order.

Round 5: North America


In order to house the extra figurine the packaging had to increase.  Capcom took advantage of this and recreated the ‘crowded Chinese downtown’ stage in the package as a back drop for your new figurines.  How nice of them.  That European box does look really neat.

Round 6: Europe

Downloadable Content

The North American DLC has been revealed: 5 downloadable costumes.  The European DLC has not.  In all probability, it  will be downloadable costumes as well.  Maybe the costumes will be American or Euro specific, but this is all speculation at this point.

Round 7: Draw

Overall Value

The main difference between the two Collector’s Editions are the North American CD Soundtrack and the European extra limited edition figurine.  A limited edition figurine fares better in the open market than a CD soundtrack.

Round 8: Europe

And there you have it, Europe wins 3-2.  It was a very close fight and rightly so, both challengers were evenly matched but newcomer C. Viper made all the difference for Europe.  Would you fight the ref to try and reverse a round’s decision or would you try and make a case for one of the draws? (round 1, I’m looking at you).  Now it’s your turn, Fight!

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