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CD Projekt talk “The Witcher” coming to PS3

Submitted by on Monday, 1 December 20083 Comments

Speaking of cat-less bags, Jakob Stilinsky, Game Designer at CD Projekt, has appeared over at GameTrailers in a fan posted video more-or-less categorically confirming that The Witcher is coming to the PS3.

While officially unconfirmed, it’s going to be hard for anyone now to dispute the fact that the RPG is coming our way; especially with Jakob sitting there confessing that he enjoyed working on the console combat for the game over its well-received PC cousin.

What is The Witcher? Glad you asked. Based on the works of Andrzej Sapkowski, arguably the greatest contemporary writer in Poland, The Witcher follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, the eponymous Witcher who has had his body modified at an early age in order to hunt and combat monsters. Why should PS3 fans be interested in a PC port? Well, there is a lot more than originally meets the eye when you delve deeper into the game’s qualities.

The setting is heralded as primarily “grey”, insomuch that there is no black and white or traditional good/evil divide. Think Fable without the definitiveness of your actions leading down a certain path. Jakob states that while everyone is not completely malevolent, “decisions are basically a choice of a lesser evil”.

The PS3 version gains a sub-title, “Rise of the Wolf”, and will see enhancements over the recent PC version in a number of areas. Oddly, Jakob confesses that the console version of the game looks better than its PC counterpart with more polygons on the lead character, new models for enemies (who possess better AI than before) and a new engine pumping out some impressive effects such as dynamic lighting, dynamic shadow and normal mapping.

The game offers a basic 40 hours of game-play that doubles if all possible quests and areas are investigated. The world is also “a lively place” with “dynamic weather” and, from looking at the footage shown, appears suitably drab and danger filled.

From a combat perspective, expect Geralt to swing into the fray with six unique sword styles and five “sciences” which can be combined to offer a fully customisable fighting style. If the video is anything to go by: we can’t help but get a Brotherhood of the Wolf on speed vibe.

Interestingly, CD Projekt’s community site for the game has just gone down. Perhaps that confirmation is coming sooner than we expected?

Original source: Eurogamer.