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This Week In Rock Band – December 11th

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 December 20084 Comments

This week in Rock Band brings you all the songs, packs or albums that you will be able to purchase for your favorite Rock Band simulator (groupies not included but highly recommended) this Thursday.  Remember that all songs are compatible with Rock Band 1 & 2 software and are available through the Rock Band in-game music store and the PlayStation Store.

There is no doubt that this week’s Rock Band update will strike a chord with fans of a certain third wave ska band.  No Doubt rocks the store with thirteen tracks of their 2003 album ‘The Singles 1992-2003’.  Continue reading for full tracklist, fan reactions and how this may tie in with No Doubt’s up coming album and recently announced 2009 tour.

Call it youth marketing 2.0.  This move is a rather ingenious method of generating enough buzz with the 18 to 24 demographic to fuel No Doubt’s headlining of The Bamboozle Festival in New York, followed by a 2009 tour and an eventual new album release.  Brilliant.

If the official No Doubt website is any indication, at least they have succeeded in getting the gamer demographic all hot and bothered.  Comments go from “My ultimate Rock Band dream came true!” to “Looks like I’m buying RB2”.  No Doubt had enough pull to sway a fan away from Guitar Hero World Tour and into the superior (in my opinion) Rock Band franchise.  Wicked cool.

No Doubt’s ‘The Singles 1992-2003’ rocked 15 songs when it was released (November 25, 2003) but only 13 tracks will be available for download.  There is no word, or even a hint, on which songs did not make the cut. This is the full album tracklist:

  • Just A Girl
  • It’s My Life
  • Hey Baby
  • Bathwater
  • Sunday Morning
  • Hella Good
  • New
  • Underneath It All
  • Excuse Me Mr.
  • Running
  • Spiderwebs
  • Simple Kind Of Life
  • Don’t Speak
  • Just A Girl
  • Ex-Girlfriend
  • Trapped In A Box

Let’s have a little fun.  Instead of speculating about which songs won’t be available, I want to know which two songs you don’t want be to be available.  I can do without ‘Trapped In A Box’ and ‘Simple Kind Of Life’.  How about you?