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Trophy Sync problem verified as real. Will be patched.

Submitted by on Monday, 22 December 200811 Comments

ps3_xmbThere’s nothing more frustrating than being affected by a issue that appears to be so unique that no one has a clue how to help you – even the people who are actually trained in the area and supposed to know how to help you.

You might remember that, deep in the PS3 Attitude Trophy Wars of 2008, Brodiesan performed a feat of self-inflicted sabotage and corrupted his PS3 profile so good that a new “Brodiesan” was required to be birthed from the user ether. Dutifully contacting Sony for “Support”, it transpired that they didn’t know how the hell he managed it though the whole “changing email address/password” shenanigans was fingered as the likely culprit.  Were you affected? Read on about an upcoming patch that should set you straight.

Not completely alone in Trophy-less isolation, others apparently have also experienced the touch of Ishmael and become trophy pariahs. So many in fact that Sony have finally looked into the issue and have now located the root cause.

Known affected titles include WipEout HD, Burnout Paradise, LittleBigPlanet and Pain but this unlucky gamer first experienced the issue when trying to sync with Linger in Shadows so the unofficial notice is: it can happen anywhere.  Of course, some people are affected worse than others and there are reports that whole Game Datas have had to be wiped in order to get some users back working with certain games.

How do you protect yourself from this virulent phenomenon? Safest way is to not change your email address and/or password unless you categorically have to. Of course, this is a feature that is sometimes genuinely needed so hopefully this patch will get here soon and we won’t have to worry about this particular problem ever again.

Source: C&VG